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10GigaTAP-4SR/4LR/4ER/4LRM TAP Blades

The 10GigaTAP module when installed in the front of the GigaVUE-2404 provides the ability to split and copy inbound and outbound optical data streams. Replicated data is then forwarded to network monitoring tools at 10 Gbps. Gigamon's 10GigaTAP is available in four varieties to accommodate any fiber optic installation.

10GigaTAP options:

•TAP-232: 10GigaTAP-4SR, 850nm multimode SR TAP blade with 4 TAPs

•TAP-233: 10GigaTAP-4LR, 1310nm single mode LR TAP blade with 4 TAPs

•TAP-234: 10GigaTAP-4ER, 1550nm single mode ER TAP blade with 4 TAPs

•TAP-235: 10GigaTAP-4LRM, 1310nm multimode mode LRM TAP blade with 4 TAPs




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