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1GigaTAP-4SX/4LX/4ZX TAP Blades

The 1GigaTAP module when installed in the front of the GigaVUE-2404 provides the ability to split and copy inbound and outbound optical data streams. Replicated data is then forwarded to network monitoring tools at 1 Gbps. Gigamon's 1GigaTAP is available in four varieties to accommodate any fiber optic installation.

10GigaTAP options:

•TAP-222: 1GigaTAP-4Sx, 850nm multimode tap blade with 4 taps

•TAP-223: 1GigaTAP-4Lx, 1310nm single mode tap blade with 4 taps

•TAP-224: 1GigaTAP-4Zx, 1550nm single mode tap blade with 4 taps




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