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Base Blade (Middle Slot)

The middle slot is permanently reserved for the GigaVUE-2404’s GigaMux base blade (2404-MB). It includes the following ports:

Management and Console ports for network and local administrative access to the command-line interface.

Four 10/100/1000 Mbps ports (Ports g1-g4). Copper SFPs support 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds. Optical SFPs support only 1 Gb speeds.

Eight 10 Gb/1 Gb ports (Ports 1-8). The 10 Gb ports support SR/LR/ER/LRM optical SFP+ transceivers. You can also use 1 Gb SX/LX/ZX or copper SFPs in the 10 Gb ports for 1 Gb support.

Expansion Blade (Top & Bottom Slots)

The upper and lower slots are available for use with optional GigaVUE-2404 blades, including both 10GigaPORT and 10GigaTAP blades. These hot-swappable, 8-port blades bring the GigaVUE-2404 to a maximum total of 28 ports (twenty four 10 Gb/1 Gb and four 10/100/1000 Mbps):

Slot 2 (the top slot) contains Ports 9-16.

Slot 1 (the middle slot) contains the base blade, with 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports g1-g4 and 10 Gb/1 Gb Ports 1-8.

Slot 3 (the bottom slot) contains Ports 17-24

GigaVUE-2404 modules:

GigaBPS: 10 Gigabit Fiber Optic Bypass Tap Module

PRT-438: 10 GigaPORT-8X, 8x10G fiber SFP+ port expansion blade

PRT-439: 10 GigaPORT-8C, 8x10G copper CX4 port clustering hub blade

TAP-222: 1GigaTAP-4Sx, 850nm multimode TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-223: 1GigaTAP-4Lx, 1310nm single mode TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-224: 1GigaTAP-4Zx, 1550nm single mode TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-232: 10GigaTAP-4SR, 850nm multimode SR TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-233: 10GigaTAP-4LR, 1310nm single mode LR TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-234: 10GigaTAP-4ER, 1550nm single mode ER TAP blade with 4 TAPs

TAP-235: 10GigaTAP-4LRM, 1310nm multimode mode LRM TAP blade with 4 TAPs



gigamon gigavue 2404 data aggregation switch

10GigaPORT and 10GigaTAP Blades

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