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Citrus GigaVUE Web GUI

CitrusTM is the latest innovation from Gigamon that provides network professionals and security engineers with an intuitive graphical interface for configuring your GigaVUE hardware and filters.

Citrus, Gigamon’s new browser based GUI is used to configure your GigaVUE data access switch. Using Firefox or Internet Explorer you can securely access your device and quickly make changes with a user friendly graphical interface. No downloads, no applets. Citrus supports SSL encryption for secure access.

Packet distribution is where GigaVUE's real power is on display. It's where you decide how traffic arriving on network ports should be sent to tool ports. You'll decide which traffic should be forwarded, where it should be sent and how it should be handled when it arrives. Packet distribution is managed from the connections window where you can preform aggregation, filtering and replication to maximize the efficiency of your security and monitoring tools.

Create connections, maps and pass-alls by clicking one port selection handle and dragging it from any network port to any tool port. Connection can be from any to many (replication):


gigamon gigavue citrus any to many
gigamon gigavue citrus many to any


Secure browser based GUI with SSH encryption

Command Line Interface (CLI) compatible

Simple packet filtering


No applets, no downloads

Copy and paste predefined filters into the CLI, hit refresh in Citrus to see changes

Create filter once and apply to ports as needed

View Citrus GUI Demo

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