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G-TAP-ATX 10/100/1000 “Always On” Network TAP

G-TAP-ATX is a member of the Gigamon® G-TAP® A Series of full-duplex TAPs supporting 10/100/1000 copper links. G-TAP-ATX employs a unique, one-of-a-kind “Always On” architecture, which eliminates network link downtime for 10/100/1000 network connections. Using traditional full-duplex copper TAPs, companies experience link downtime during power transitions, which trigger link renegotiation on the end devices that are connected.

The Gigamon G-TAP-ATX operates on PoE (Power over Ethernet), AC or DC, as the primary power sources, and includes an integrated battery as a backup source for up to one hour. While using any of the primary forms of power AC, DC, or PoE, the G-TAP-ATX unique design constantly charges the backup battery which can assume power load in the event of primary power failure.  The G-TAP-ATX is also the first full-duplex TAP on the market to allow the use of PoE as a primary source of power.

G-TAP-ATX also provides added management that monitors link states of connected devices and power state of the four forms of power. In the event that primary power is lost, SNMP traps alert users that the TAP is now utilizing the backup battery. The SNMP traps are triggered as battery levels get lower to ensure rapid renewal of the primary power source, helping to eliminate any network downtime. Additional rack mount accessories allow for easy installation of up to three G-TAP-ATX TAPs in 1U of rack space. A separate integrated Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allows for simplified power connections of three 1U rack mount frames housing (9) G-TAP-ATX devices.



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Number of Network Ports:   (2) CAT5e RJ45 8-pin connectors
Number of Monitor Ports:    (2) CAT5e RJ45 8-pin connectors
Link Distance Supported:      100 meters


Eliminate link renegotiation delay upon power loss in Gigabit copper network links

Four forms of power: AC or DC, PoE, and Battery Power

Battery Power is maintained for up to one hour when no other forms of power are present

SNMP Traps notify link state and battery power levels

Optional three slot-1U PDU (Power Distribution Unit) simplifies power and rack clutter


Fault tolerant for one 10/100/1000 link providing full-duplex traffic to attached monitoring tool

Active monitoring of link state and power levels to ensure uptime and connectivity

Vendor agnostic for all network and security monitoring and data capture appliances

Easy integration with the full GigaVUE® appliance product family