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Gigamon GigaVUE-2404 Data Access Switch

GV2404 is the latest platform in the GigaVUE family, extending the GigaVUE architecture to 10G centric applications. Compatible with the GigaVUE-420 & GigaVUE-MP, the GigaVUE-2404 offers ten times the performance of the GigaVUE-420 or GigaVUE-MP at only two times the cost.

The GigaVUE-2404 is a high density Data Access Switch for 10G centric data center networks. Up to 24 10G plus 4 1G ports are housed in a low profile 2U chassis. The GigaVUE-2404 aggregates, replicates and filters traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools. It is a powerful 10G tool aggregator capable of full line rate performance and transfer latency of only 6 μsec.

The GigVUE-2404 has a modular design that allows network managers to deploy the exact number of ports necessary to fit their requirements. The base chassis houses eight 10 GigE ports and four 1G and scales to a maximum of twenty-four 10G ports.

Multiple GigaVUE 2404 data access switches can be stacked together or with existing GigaVUE-MP or GigaVUE-420 chassis into a much bigger virtual GigaVUE fabric of over 200 ports, connected in a master-slave star configuration.

Traffic from 10G networks can be delivered to either 10G or 1G legacy tools thus saving significant capital tool costs.

Gigamon GigaVUE-2404 Data Access Switch Hardware Presentation


GigaVUE-2404 model numbers:

GSV-432: GigaVUE-2404, 4 x 1G & 8 x 10G ports AC power

GSV-434: GigaVUE-2404, 4 x 1G & 8 x 10G ports DC power


Any-to-Any connectivity to solve tool deployment problems

Aggregate multiple links to consolidate tools

Multicast to multiple tools to share data sources

Intelligently filter and divide loads to customize and manage data to different tools

Solutions for monitoring asynchronously routed Ethernet networks including 10 GigE

Hardware based design for full line rate performance and near-zero latency

Advanced security features protect your data


Immediate ROI by consolidating distributed tools and reducing management expense

Affordable solution to 10 Gig monitoring

Accurately measure time sensitive protocols and QoS

Reduce packet loss to improve monitoring fidelity

Support continuous monitoring and scalable growth with hot-swap modules

Save rack space, cost, & complexity with optional integrated taps


Isolate & capture sessions across parallel links and switches

Share scarce span ports between multiple tools

Reduce and customize data flow to each tool

Divide large loads across multiple tools

Monitor 10G links with legacy 1G or 10G tools

Aggregate multiple links simultaneously to multiple tools

gigamon gigavue 2404 aggregation switch
gigamon gigavue 2404 rear view

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