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Tolly Group Validates Gigamon’s Leading Performance and Functionality


Silicon Valley— November 2nd, 2010 - Gigamon™, the leading global provider of data access solutions, today announced that the Tolly Group, an independent third-party testing organization, has completed their evaluation of Gigamon’s GigaVUE product family. The Tolly Group test substantiates Gigamon’s assertion of industry leading performance and functionality.

The Tolly Group evaluated the performance and functionality of the full line of GigaVUE Data Access Switches and the tests show that the GigaVUE-212, 420, and 2404 devices provide line-rate throughput across all 1Gbps and 10Gbps ports while exhibiting very low latency even at 100% load. Tolly Group engineers also verified a wide range of features including multiple port mapping options, protocol and bit-map filtering, thousands of simultaneous ingress and egress filters per device, and various SNMP and syslog integration features.

“This test provides buyers with the confidence that Gigamon delivers on their promise and the declared benefits of the GigaVUE are accurate and verified”, said Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group. “The GigaVUE Data Access Switches”, Tolly said, “exhibited very low latency across all major connection scenarios even in a fully utilized chassis.”

Gigamon CTO and Co-Founder, Patrick Leong said, “Gigamon developed this market because we wanted to resolve a real concern that our customers face when trying to gain access and visibility to their critical data, anytime, anywhere on the network. The features of the GigaVUE product line provide a very scalable resolution and the Tolly Group results verify that customers will receive the performance and benefits as promised.”

For a complete report, download the Tolly Report

About Gigamon
Gigamon™ delivers intelligent data access solutions to enhance network monitoring of data centers, service provider and enterprises. The company’s world-renowned GigaVUE® aggregates, filters and replicates customized data streams to all monitoring tools. Gigamon pioneered the technology for multi-tool environments, addressing the growing new demands for reporting and analyzing organizational data. Now in its third generation with global deployments in more than 40 countries, Gigamon’s GigaVUE platform is the only proven, fully-integrated, total solution for all data access needs.

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