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Gigamon Announces Availability Of New Browser-Based Citrus™ GUI For GigaVUE® Data Access Switch

Graphical User Interface Lets Users Configure and Control Every Aspect of Switch Operations Via IE or Firefox; Embedded CLI Makes Complex Configurations Easy

Silicon Valley, CA - April 22, 2009 - Gigamon, the global leading provider of intelligent Data Access NetworkingTM (DAN) products, announced today the availability of Citrus™, a groundbreaking GUI for the company’s GigaVUE® Data Access Switch.  Citrus requires no downloads and no applets—users simply log on to any Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser for fast, highly secure network switch configuration and control.

Gigamon’s new Citrus GUI features Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for secured access anywhere, from any PC.  The easy-to-understand graphical interface allows network engineers to configure switches or ports for maximum efficiency; even more, Citrus uniquely offers (CLI) Command Line Interface integration, allowing users to apply hundreds, even thousands, of filters in a matter of seconds.

“As networks, monitoring tools, and monitoring functions have become increasingly complex and distributed, the need for easy configuration and management from a single interface has become essential.  Citrus fulfills this requirement better than anything on the market today,” said Patrick Leong, Gigamon’s chief technical officer.  “We consider Citrus to be a breakthrough in the field of packet monitoring, particularly because it simplifies so many time-consuming tasks.”

The Citrus GUI brings an even higher level of power to the GigaVUE, a modular, packet-aware device that has transformed the network monitoring product category.  GigaVUE switches provide dynamic connectivity for a large number of out-of-band monitoring tools such as intrusion detection systems, data recorders, VoIP analyzers and other devices, making fulfillment of compliance, analysis, troubleshooting and security of the production network faster and less burdensome.  Its secure, customizable “data socket” orientation allows users to divide traffic and distribute packets to different GigE or 10 GigE tools according to a variety of power and flexible map and filter rules:

Through Citrus’ main Connection control window, users can easily perform aggregation, filter traffic on ingress and egress ports, assign and secure specific ports to users and more.  Point-and-click features allow engineers to decide which traffic should be forwarded, where it should be sent, and how it should be handled once it arrives.

Citrus supports SNTP, TACAC and RADIUS servers, and supports connections between any tool and any data, at any time.  Key capabilities include:

•Filter Set-Ups.  In the Connection window, each port is listed with its own entry; users can change icons, port aliases, types and filters as desired.  Connections, maps, and pass-alls are easily rendered by dragging lines between network elements.

•Flow Mapping.  The Flow Mapping window enables simple configuration of Layer 2, 3, & 4 traffic.  Because maps are listed in individual containers, you can click different elements to easily change mapping or to add new rules.

•CLI Integration.  Citrus allows engineers to manage complex configurations by copying and pasting script into the CLI window.  A Gigamon exclusive, the embedded CLI allows pre-defined map rules to be easily inserted; in fact, hundreds and even thousands of filters can be applied in just seconds.  By clicking on Refresh in the Connection window, the user can see a graphic representation of the entire configuration.

Finally, a Port Ownership window makes it possible to assign and/or secure specific ports to one or more users for maximum monitoring performance and optimal tool utilization.

Gigamon’s Citrus GUI for GigaVUE Data Access Switches is now shipping with new products.  A demo showcasing the featues and functionality of Citrus in now available (View Citrus Demo). For more information or to place a GigaVUE order, click here.

About Gigamon
Gigamon is the inventor and leading provider of Data-Access Switches. Its flagship product, GigaVUE®, can replicate packets from one span or tap to many tools to solve the span port sharing problem. It also can aggregate and intelligently filter packets from many spans or taps to one or multiple tools to solve the problem of monitoring flows across complex mesh topologies and virtual networks. GigaVUE® facilitates unobtrusive parallel tool deployment with network-wide coverage, significantly reducing customers’ capital budgets and yielding immediate ROI benefits.

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