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Major Deployment Demonstrates Flexibility Of Gigamon’s GigaVUE® Data Access Switch With Cable/Telecom Providers

Forty-six Million Subscriber Adopts Gigamon’s Packet-Aware Device to Connect Any Monitoring Tool to Any Data Source, Any Speed, at Any Time

Silicon Valley, CA - June 3, 2009 - Gigamon, the leading global provider of intelligent data access networkingTM products, today announced the successful installation of 36 of its GigaVUE® 2404 high-density Data Access Switches to a leading U.S. provider of cable, entertainment and communications services.  Enabling greater tool efficiency and immediate ROI, this customer win is a direct result of GigaVUE’s ability to connect any number of network monitoring tools with custom filtering to multiple access points regardless of their respective data rates.

The latest of Gigamon’s hundreds of customers is a prominent cable/telecom provider with nearly 25 million cable customers, 15 million high-speed Internet customers and more than six million digital voice customers. While the company’s digital voice offering is one of its fastest growing and most profitable services, features such as Emergency 911, universal caller ID, PCI credit card information, lawful intercept and HIPAA required improvements to network monitoring.

A common, but complicated industry challenge, the CIO needed to control information sent to the company’s many tool sets, which had emerged from multiple business units. One of the high-level mechanisms to control the access to information is to have a single security administrator for all tools. GigaVUE enabled the CIO to set the filters in order to protect the data and prevent other business units from seeing particular traffic.

GigaVUE also solved another common issue facing the cable/telecom provider by enabling the monitoring tools that ran at 1 Gbps to effectively monitor links running at 10 Gbps.  GigaVUE’s flow mapping and filtering removed all unwanted packets, then divided the remaining flows to multiple sub-1 Gig streams effectively turning 1 Gig legacy analyzers into a viable solution without each business unit having to purchase a new set of 10 GigE tools. Adding immediate ROI and increasing efficiency, the GigaVUE brought new life to old tools, allowing them to keep up with the new load.

Following the successful deployment of 36 GigaVUE switches in hub sites around the country, the company can now easily retrieve data from high-speed ports—including 10 Gbps ports—and securely send that data to managed and authorized ports that have monitoring tools with lower-speed interfaces plugged in.

By installing GigaVUE data access switches from Gigamon, the provider was able to secure sensitive data, relieve port contention, aggregate and filter traffic as needed with no dropped packets. As the company’s digital voice subscriber base continues to grow, GigaVUE will allow for necessary changes in the monitoring infrastructure, giving the company the flexibility it needs to connect and disconnect tools in the production environment.  The capability will streamline network operations by dramatically reducing the need for change management and scheduling maintenance windows.

“Communication services companies have an overwhelming need to constantly monitor their data networks for security, performance, capacity and regulatory compliance,” said Patrick Leong, Gigamon chief technical officer.  “The GigaVUE uniquely solves virtually all of the challenges posed by the current monitoring tool environment—from accommodating legacy 1 GigE tools in 10 GigE environments to controlling access to sensitive data—the GigaVUE is the kind of switch network engineers have been waiting for.”

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About Gigamon

Gigamon delivers intelligent data access solutions to enhance monitoring of service provider and enterprise data centers. The company’s world-renowned GigaVUE® “orange boxes” aggregate, filter and replicate customized data streams to all monitoring tools. Gigamon pioneered technology for multi-tool environments to address new demands for reporting and analyzing organizational data. Now in its third generation with global deployments in more than 40 countries and 90 percent market share for intelligent data access, Gigamon’s GigaVUE platform is the only proven, fully-integrated, total solution for all data access needs. Gigamon’s patented technology enables companies to realize day one ROI by increasing tool value and operational efficiencies. GigaVUE ensures seamless and controlled delivery of the right data at the right time to the right tools. Organizations deploying Gigamon solutions achieve greater uptime, reduce threat vulnerability and improve regulatory compliance.

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