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Wireshark Adds Support for Gigamon's GigaSMART Headers

July 20, 2010  


Silicon Valley Gigamon™, the leading global provider of Intelligent Data Access Networking™, today announced that Wireshark has added support for Gigamon’s GigaSMART headers. Now packets that are processed by the GigaSMART module can be modified to include ingress port identification, time stamping and original packet length when slicing. This valuable information can now be decoded by the Wireshark interface for in-depth analysis.

“We recognize Gigamon’s GigaSMART as an important data access technology for Wireshark users. With support for GigaSMART’s inserted header or trailer information, Wireshark can now better serve our open source community,” said Gerald Combs, Director of Open Source Projects at CACE Technologies, Wireshark Development Project Lead, and original Ethereal/Wireshark creator.

Wireshark is the world’s foremost open source network protocol analyzer used to capture packets. With more than 500,000 downloads a month for Wireshark and thousands of GigaVUE shipped from Gigamon every year, the IT industry has embraced the joint solution for network troubleshooting, optimization and security.

“The gatekeepers of Wireshark recognize the innovative technology that GigaSMART provides with nanosecond time stamping accuracy, the ability to add ingress port information to a packet and slice packets. Now only the relevant portions are processed, which boosts the efficiency of the Wireshark tool,” said Patrick Leong, CTO of Gigamon. “The Wireshark user community needs to see this critical information which made it an easy decision for the gatekeepers to support the GigaSMART headers.” “When devices using Wireshark are connected to the GigaVUE, they will gain complete visibility to all the data, 24x7. The combined solution simplifies troubleshooting network problems, examining security issues and debugging protocols,” said Kevin Jablonski, Gigamon’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “With the latest support for the GigaSMART module, IT teams can analyze the exact ‘wanted’ network data and identify problems in a more timely manner.”

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About Gigamon
Gigamon™ delivers intelligent data access solutions to enhance network monitoring of data centers, service provider and enterprises. The company’s world-renowned GigaVUE® aggregates, filters and replicates customized data streams to all monitoring tools. Gigamon pioneered the technology for multi-tool environments, addressing the growing new demands for reporting and analyzing organizational data. Now in its third generation with global deployments in more than 40 countries, Gigamon’s GigaVUE platform is the only proven, fully-integrated, total solution for all data access needs. Gigamon’s patented technology enables companies to realize ROI on day one by increasing tool value and operational efficiencies. GigaVUE ensures seamless and controlled delivery of the right data at the right time to the right tools. Organizations deploying Gigamon solutions achieve greater uptime, reduce threat vulnerability and improve regulatory compliance. 

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About CACE Technologies
CACE Technologies Inc. is the sponsor and innovative force behind Wireshark and WinPcap, the world’s most widely used Open Source network traffic capture and analysis tools. The company develops cutting edge network analysis and troubleshooting products that complement Wireshark’s prodigious packet inspection capabilities. For more information visit

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