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Gigamon Remote Management

Configure GigaVUE-420's operations from an intuitive Cisco like command-line interface.

•Local access over the serial console port.

•Remote access using Telnet or 128-bit encrypted SSH2 over gigabit Ethernet management port.

•Multi-level user controlled access.

•TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting are supported.

•Port locking restricts individual users only to authorized ports.

•Sys-log, SNMP traps and quires supported


Connect any tool(s) to any link at anytime without affecting the production network

Improved monitoring efficiency, effectiveness and network uptime


Replicate traffic to support multiple tools with competing monitoring demands

Share SPAN ports and taps, customizing access for all tools all the time


Aggregate traffic from multiple access points including Ether-channel to create a "big pipe" or "end-to-end" view

Deploy fewer tools and consolidating valuable tools in a tool farm

Packet Filtering

Customize and map traffic flow to multiple tools and reduce traffic load on all tools

Optimize tool utilization and share loads across multiple tools




The figure below illustrates the concept of data flows between network and tool ports. Data arrives from different sources at the network ports on the left and is forwarded to different tools connected to tool ports on the right. Traffic arriving at a single network port can be sent to multiple destination tool ports. Filters can be applied to network and tool ports. Filters applied to network ports are pre-filters and filters applied to the tool ports are post-filters.

gigamon gigavue remonte management diagram

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