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Gigamon Customer Testimonials

UC Berkeley on Gigamon

“The Gigamon data access switch has become an indispensable part of our network infrastructure in EECS. Some of my colleagues refer to it as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the data monitoring game. It is extremely flexible which is mandatory in our dynamic environment. Our internal network topology changes frequently and our monitoring tools must adapt quickly to these changes without burdening staff.”

-– Fred Archibald, Network Manager, Infrastructure Development and Support Group, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley

“Our security officer was pleased and amazed that we could monitor both the old 1 Gig infrastructure and the new 10 Gig infrastructure at the same time with our GigaVUE®-MP.” -- Fred Archibald


Interop Engineers on Gigamon

“By utilising the Gigamon System in the early stages of the InteropNet build-out, we gave the engineering team a powerful tool to implement a filtered instrumentation system throughout the network by multiplexing the numerous data feeds into a variety of vendor tools. This filtering capability enables the tools to see only the data that is relevant to them and resolves all conflicts in gaining data access. This makes it easier for the engineering staff to diagnose issues if and when they occur. Gigamon has become an essential piece of the networking management and instrumentation puzzle.”

-- Glenn Evans, InteropNet Chief Engineer, CMP Technology (San Francisco, CA)

“The Gigamon product provides the InteropNet team with a unique opportunity to peel off key data feeds at critical points of the network without using up large pool of analysis tools. We can shape data streams by application type, like VoIP, video, web and other key attributes. This filtering capability allows us to focus on our specific areas of responsibility without being overwhelmed by the huge amount of data generated at the show. Gigamon’s ‘tool enhancer’ just makes sense in this new era of ever increasing Internet usage and security concern.”

-- Brian Chee, InteropNet Team Lead (VoIP and Video)

When not working on InteropNet, Brian is the Director of the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory (ANCL) of the University of Hawaii. In addition, Brian is a Senior Contributing Editor of the InfoWorld Magazine with ANCL playing host to some of InfoWorld’s big iron reviews.


National Instruments on Gigamon

“With GigaVUE®, we can optimize and extend the power of our network monitoring tools. This unique data access switch helps us set up our tools and get the exact data that we need, all without affecting network performance.” -- Sohail Bhamani, Senior Network Engineer, National Instruments.



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