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GigaSMART The industry’s first line-rate packet modification technology

Extend the value of your GigaVUE-2404® platform through a new software application family that modifies packets to help you solve tough network monitoring challenges.

With the introduction of the data access industry’s first 10Gbps full line-rate packet modification technology, GigaSMART™ gives network engineers more flexibility to take advantage of packet slicing, masking, time stamping, and network port labeling.

These new software modules help optimize performance of analysis tools, enhance security, and reduce costs.

With GigaSMART, you can configure your GigaVUE-2404 to modify packets before data is sent to various network tools. Through network port labeling, port information is attached to the packet when it enters GigaVUE, making it easy to filter based on network source.

By adding GigaSMART to your GigaVUE-2404 platform, you can more easily manage all your network tools while seeing an immediate return on capital and operational investment costs.


GigaSMART Slicing
Eminates processing and storage bottlenecks

•Slices packets to your specifications for tools that don’t require complete packets

•Processes fewer bits while still keeping the vital, relevant portions of each packet

•Significantly increases the capacity of forensic recording tools

•Boosts efficiency of protocol analysis, sniffer, and network optimization tools

•Optimizes CPU performance

•Balances data processing loads to improve network performance and reduce      footprint

GigaSMART Masking
Enhances security of network tools

•Conceal private data including financial and medical information

•Empower network monitoring tools to perform their task and maintain PCI and HIPAA compliance

•Increase network security from internal threatsfootprint

GigaSMART Time Stamping
Helps pinpoint critical network performance issues

•Stamps packets at line rate as close to the network as possible (when using TAPs)

•Supports network time protocol (NTP) or local time setting on GigaVUE

•With available GPS antenna, provides nanosecond accuracy across networks that may span hundreds or thousands of miles across multiple countries

•Improves ability to analyze latency, jitter and end-to-end network performance

•Synchronizes data more accurately to enhance Quality of Service (QoS) analysis

•TAPs information directly off wire to avoid port latency issues

•Allows network analysis to be performed at one location, instead of at various network endpoints

GigaSMART Network Port Labeling
Eminates processing and storage bottlenecks

•Attaches port information to packets when entering GigaVUE

•Gives system engineeers more accurate information to analyze network performance

GigaSMART Requirements:


•GigaSMART blade

•Software version 7.0

GigaVUE-2404 with GigaSMART blade loaded in top slot


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