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Xena Networks Ethernet Testing for 40 GbE and 100 GbE Testing

The growth of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video on demand, peer-to-peer sharing, wireless backhaul, high-performance cloud computing, and virtualization continue to push the limits of the current network infrastructure.

The exponential increase in network traffic requires a leap from 10 GbE aggregation to higher-speed 40G and 100G Ethernet links. For those developing the next generation of Ethernet networks, performance, reliability and time-to-market are critical to success. A test platform that supports both new and legacy technology is essential to contain costs while accelerating development.

Xena has a family of 40/100G CFP-MSA, QSFP, and CXP test modules for the XenaCompact and XenaBay testers. See Xena100/40G  and Xena Joins Consortium Developing Core Technology for 100 Gigabit Ethernet Networks & Test Systems

Xena is now testing the world’s first tri-speed (10G-40G-100G) gigabit Ethernet module and can supply modules offering:

Wire-speed hardware based traffic generation and analysis with full-line-rate
Ethernet and IP packet generation at over 148 million packets per second.

Compatible with 100G and 40G CFP-MSA compliant transceiver modules, and
100G CXP and 40G QSFP with MPO connectors.

Functionally equivalent to existing Xena 10M to 10G test ports,
including RFC 2544, scripting commands, with an easy to use GUI interface

Up to 6 x 100G or 12 x 40G Ethernet in 4U XenaBay form factor.

BERT functionality for verifying the integrity of 100 Gbit/s and 40
Gbit/s Ethernet running on WDM networks.

Transportable 40/100G XenaCompact unit, ideal for customer
demonstrations and network I&M.

100G and 40G transceiver qualification including parallel optics such as
100GBASE-LR4 and 100G BASE-SR10.

100G Ethernet physical layer performance metrics and corner case validation for
802.3ba PCA and CAUI/XLAUI bus.



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