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Xena Networks Ethernet Test XenaManager GUI and Scripting Software Framework

The Xena Manager GUI  enables the traffic generation and analysis features of the Xena test equipment. The Xena Manager supports an unlimited number of end users and multi-user environments, and is included free of charge with all Xena testers including standard IETF RFC test suites and a complete scripting command language for accessing all Xena tester features.


Every Xena chassis has a dedicated standard 1G Ethernet management port connecting the chassis to an IPv4 network, through which the equipment can be discovered by the Xena Manager software. Hardware resources can be reserved down to test port level granularity from multiple simultaneous Xena Manager sessions. The Xena Manager offers lab managers the ability to perform software and firmware upgrades, eliminating the need to directly interface with the equipment.

All features of the Xena equipment can be enabled and accessed from the Xena Manager, which provides interfaces for configuring chassis and test port properties, defining advanced traffic streams for traffic generation, specifying filters for incoming traffic, performing real-time capture of packets, and for displaying and analyzing traffic statistics. The Manager’s packet editor function supports both standard protocols and byte-level packet definitions.


Multi-user sharing of chassis resources down to port level

Central management of multi-chassis testbed environments

Explorer-based and front-panel layout view of testbed configurations

Import/export of test case configurations

Chassis software and firmware upgrades without needing to interface directly with the equipment

Packet editor with support for both protocol and byte-level packet definitions

Automatic protocol decoding of incoming packets

RFC 2544 test suite with automatic report and chart generation in standard formats

Interchangeable operation between GUI and scripting environment


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