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Xena Networks Ethernet Test Infrastructure - Veryx ATTEST on Xena

An affordable, high-performance platform for IP & Ethernet load stress, protocol conformance & functional verification testing.

Innovative, comprehensive & cost-effective

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have created an innovative Ethernet test platform that combines Xena’s high performance, wire-speed Ethernet test hardware with Veryx’s broad portfolio of IP & Ethernet functional and conformance test suites. The result is an open, scalable, low-cost and highly customizable test platform that enables equipment and network test engineers to:

• Select (and pay for) only the Ethernet test capabilities needed
• Conduct Ethernet OAM testing in a transportable form factor
• Deploy Ethernet test capabilities as low-cost test “infrastructure”

Choose the test capabilities you need right now – with complete confidence that as
your needs grow you can easily and cost-effectively scale the number and types of
test ports, as well as add additional test suites.

Solve these problems

Choosing Veryx’s ATTEST test solutions embedded on optimized Xena hardware helps you:
• Continue to enhance network device functionality and support newer protocol standards across multiple product lines in shorter timeframes

• Characterize load stress performance of network devices in terms of throughput, latency, loss and sequence/misordering errors
• Ensure that new network devices meet compliance and performance requirements prior to deployment
• Understand data forwarding behavior of switch ports when presented with data flows containing both valid and malformed packets
• Verify device capability in handling data on selected interfaces at wire-speed
• Investigate network device behavior when handling valid and invalid protocol messages

Veryx’s Extensive Set of ATTEST Test Suites

Veryx’s ATTEST Test Suites enable functional & protocol conformance testing of IP/Ethernet networks & devices.

Xena’s High Performance Hardware Platform

Xena provides a flexible, high-performance hardware
platform for a wide variety of Ethernet test applications.



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