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Xena Networks Ethernet Testing for Network Installation and Maintenance

Ethernet based access, aggregation and regional transport network infrastructures are on the increase worldwide, with many operators already implementing 1 and 10 Gbps Ethernet transmission services between locations and aggregation points, and preparing high-speed mobile backhaul links for future mobile technologies such as LTE.

To remain competitive, network service providers must verify network performance according to SLA, under periods of network congestion, to determine what the real end user can be guaranteed to experience in boundary network scenarios.

Pre-deployment testing also includes functional and compliance testing of Ethernet OAM and MEF standards for Carrier Ethernet, ideally suited for the joint solution Xena has created with company Veryx Technologies.

Solution for Pre-Staging, Characterization, Service Turn-Up, and Network Troubleshooting

Wire-speed traffic generation and analysis for characterizing
stress performance of devices in terms of throughput,
latency, loss and sequence errors.

Emulation of bursty or uniform traffic distributions

Generate millions of flows using powerful field modifiers

Built in wire-speed capture and advanced triggering.

High-precision latency measurements and real-time
histograms for detailed analysis of latency distributions.

Support for broad range of protocols, including stacked VLANs

Automated RFC 2554 testing and scripting.

Compact form-factor for quick placement and setup in a
remote network exchange

Comprehensive Net-O2 ATTEST test suites for Carrier Ethernet, Layer 2/3,
IPv4, IPv6, Y.1731 verification, and MEF 9, 14, and 21 compliance testing



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