Furukawa and Xena Networks first to demonstrate 100 GbE with OM4 Multimode Fibers in Latin America

This first­ever demonstration featured Furukawa’s TeraLAN HDMPO solution being used with OM4 Multimode Fibers and MPO connectors for 100 Gigabit Ethernet data transmission over long distances in data centers and enterprise networks. Combined, the technologies allow the cost­effective expansion of next­generation high­speed networking.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 December 2011 – Xena Networks announced today it has received a new accolade from Frost & Sullivan recognizing the company’s success and growth in the Gigabit Ethernet test and measurement market.

“Winning the “2011 Global Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance Value Leadership Award” is especially important for us because it so clearly focuses on the value proposition that’s been our goal from Day One,” says Jacob Nielsen, Xena’s CEO.

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The 100 Gigabit Ethernet tests involved using a XenaCompact chassis equipped with a 100G Ethernet test module to demonstrate the performance of Furukawa’s advanced cabling solutions over long distance.

“There are already 2 major companies who offer gigabit Ethernet test products that have all the bells and whistles and can test everything from L1 to L7,” explains Jacob Nielsen. “However, these are expensive and complex solutions so we decided to focus on what customers need most – lots of ports for L2-L3 testing and comprehensive software that’s easy to use.”

Xena’s main product offerings are two chassis (the 1U XenaCompact and the larger 4U XenaBay) together with a range of 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G modules which support a range of optical transceivers. Among its standout products are a 6-port 10G module (M6SFP+) and a tri-speed 10/40/100G module (M1CFP100). XenaManager is the free client/server software used to control these units/modules when installed on a PC.

According to Frost & Sullivan: "Xena, by keeping in sync with the evolving trends of the Gigabit Ethernet test equipment market, is poised for growth with its cost-effective, feature-rich Ethernet testing solutions. The company has been consistently focusing on customer requirements, creating a fine balance between the price and performance of its Ethernet testing solutions."

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