World’s First Tri-Speed 10-40-100 Gbps Ethernet Test Module arrives from Xena Networks

New tri-speed module targets carriers and enterprises migrating to  to 100Gig-E solutions

Copenhagen: Xena Networks, an innovative developer of gigabit Ethernet test solutions based in Denmark, today announced the general availability of the world’s first tri-speed 10-40-100 Gbps Ethernet Test Module.

The new module is aimed at the rapidly increasing number of carriers, enterprises and research departments currently ramping up to deploy 100 Gigabit Ethernet following the ratification of the standard by both the IEEE and ITU-T in June last year.

“Right now most of our customers are deploying 10G to meet bandwidth demand while examining how to re-equip their networks to cost-effectively support 100 Gigabit Ethernet”, explains Jacob Nielsen, CEO of Xena Networks. “So in this transition phase, having one test module that can handle the three top speeds makes life easier for test engineers, while also keeping the accounting department happy.”

Like Xena’s existing range of gigabit Ethernet test modules, the new tri-speed modules provide a comprehensive suite of test features for Layer 2 and Layer 3, including  protocol testing,  capture, histograms, service disruption measurements, multi-stream Ethernet generation & test and RFC 2544 benchmarking. This is augmented with 40/100G-specific features such as virtual lane swapping, skewing and PRBS testing.

The new tri-speed module will be available for both Xena’s large (4U) 12-module XenaBay chassis, as well as the small (1U) single-module XenaCompact chassis

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