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Xena Networks Ethernet Testing for Research and Development Labs

The Xena Networks test platform is well suited for validation of hardware performance and negative testing in development environments and labs.

The new class of lab based test equipment pricing enables the realization of large port count test beds at a fraction of the cost of existing test solutions. Historically, equipment manufacturers have complemented commercial test platforms with internally built PC/FPGA platforms, now ideally suited to be replaced with Xena Networks.

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have worked together to create an innovative Ethernet test platform that combines Xena’s high performance, wire-speed Ethernet test hardware with Veryx’s portfolio of IP & Ethernet functional and MEF conformance test suites.

Load Stress, Protocol Conformance & Functional Verification Testing Solution

A multi-user GUI interface and scripting language.

Characterizing stress performance of devices in terms
of throughput, latency, loss and sequence errors.

Randomize packet fields and lengths for truly
randomized packet generation and measurement.

Generate millions of flows using powerful field modifiers.

Built in wire-speed capture and advanced triggering.

High-precision latency measurements and real-time
histograms for detailed analysis of latency distributions.

Support for a broad range of protocols including Ethernet,
Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, LLC, SNAP,
GTP, ICMP, RTP, RTCP, STP, or user specified

Comprehensive test suites for Carrier Ethernet, Layer 2/3,
IPv4, IPv6, and Security



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