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Xena Networks Ethernet National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs)

The Xena testers are ideally suited for accurate characterization of the performance 10GbE and higher speed research and educational networks, and for the implementation of WAN research testbeds for advanced technologies such as IPv6, Carrier Ethernet OAM, MPLS, and 40/100G WAN links.

The availability of compatible network performance testers when testing high-speed network links is generally cost prohibitive for the Research and Educational community, which has leads to the use of commodity PC systems and open source tools. The Xena testers are a very good alternative to using commodity hardware, both in terms of performance, consistency, features, and cost.

XenaCompact Product Evaluation Report by Internet 2 and MCNC, and XenaCompact Evaluation Report by NORDUnet.

Solution for Accurate Characterization of Gigabit Networks

Wire-speed traffic generation and analysis for characterizing
stress performance of devices in terms of throughput, latency,
loss and sequence errors.

Randomize packet fields and lengths (including Jumbo frames)
for truly randomized packet generation and measurement.

Emulation of bursty or uniform traffic distributions

Generate millions of flows using powerful field modifiers

Built in wire-speed capture and advanced triggering.

High-precision latency measurements and real-time histograms
for detailed analysis of latency distributions.

Support for a broad range of protocols, including stacked VLANs

Automated RFC 2554 testing and scripting.

Compact form-factor for quick placement and setup in a remote
network exchange, seamless remote management of test units



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