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Xena Networks Ethernet Testing for Sales and Marketing Demonstrations

Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) can take advantage of the unique combination of the dense form factor and advanced functionality of the XenaCompact testers, which makes it an ideal solution for demonstration of advanced network equipment at trade shows and private off-site demonstrations to customer prospects. Sales and Marketing departments at NEMs have a need for test equipment which is easily transportable, while at the same time providing the advanced features found in R&D grade test equipment. The Xena testers provides the most compact rack mount form factor, test port density, and advanced test features for demonstration of next generation network equipment, including powerful display of real-time latency histograms and a number of Carrier Ethernet functional and conformance test suites as provided with the joint Xena-Veryx solution.

For safe and convenient transport of the XenaCompact testers, we offer a custom tailored stylish and sturdy flight case as a product accessory, see XenaCompact flightcase accessory.

Solution for a Transportable Demonstration Rack for Network Equipment

Compact form-factor for quick placement and setup in a
trade-show environment or off-site facility

High-precision latency measurements and real-time
histograms for detailed analysis of latency distributions.

Support for a broad range of protocols including Ethernet,
Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, LLC, SNAP,
GTP, ICMP, RTP, RTCP, STP, or user specified

Comprehensive test suites for Carrier Ethernet, Layer 2/3,
IPv4, IPv6, and Security

Comprehensive Net-O2 ATTEST test suites for Carrier Ethernet,
Layer 2/3, IPv4, IPv6, Y.1731 verification, and MEF 21 compliance testing

Generate millions of flows using powerful field modifiers, and
emulation of bursty traffic distributions

RFC 2554 testing, and an easy to use and intuitive windows GUI interface



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