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Xena Networks Ethernet Test Solutions

Providers of Ethernet based network devices and services can benefit from the ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability of the Xena Networks test platform. Our XenaCompact and XenaBay testers are used in a number of testing applications:

R&D Labs - functional and conformance testing in the lab.

Manufacturing Q&A - qualifications and production testing.

Network Installation and Maintenance - pre-staging, performance characterization, service turn-up, and network troubleshooting.

Private Networks, Enterprise and Government, testing of service agreement site-2-site

Research & Education Networks - I&M in NREN networks and research network testbeds

Marketing and Sales Demonstrations for Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) - tradeshows and transportable demo setups.

40G and 100G Ethernet Testing - The exponential increase in network traffic requires a leap from 10 GbE aggregation to higher-speed 40G and 100G Ethernet links.

Widespread adoption of IP & Ethernet technologies presents significant testing challenges to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network service providers (NSPs), such as:

Characterizing stress performance of network devices in terms of throughput, latency, loss and sequence/misorder errors.

Understanding the data forwarding behavior of switch ports when presented with data flows containing both valid and malformed data packets.

Verifying device capability in handling data on selected interfaces at wire-speed.

Continuing to enhance network device functionality and supporting newer protocol standards across multiple product lines in shorter timeframes.

Ensuring that new network devices meet current performance requirements prior to deployment.

Investigating network device behavior when handling valid and invalid protocol messages.



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