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Xena Networks Ethernet Testing XenaManager Demo Software

By downloading the XenaManager software, you can perform a basic product evaluation, all you need is a XP/Vista PC to execute the XenaManager software. Running the demo does not require any software installation, and it minimizes the resources you need to evaluate our products. This following explains how to control a XenaCompact chassis from your own PC to the Xena test lab.

You must be running an up-to-date Windows XP or Vista system on your local PC.

Click the “Download SW” button and save the Xena Manager executable to your PC.

It is ready to run without any installation. Click on the executable to start the Manager.

You will see an application window divided into a left and a right side, and a menu bar on top.

In the left side, right-click on the “New testbed” item and select “Add remote chassis to testbed”

In the dialog box enter IP = “” and password = “xena”, and click “Ok”.

You are now connected to a chassis called “WEB DEMO”.

The right side now shows a panel called “CHASSIS PROPERTIES”.

From the “View” menu select “Expand all modules”, showing you one module with two ports.

Click on each port, and the right side shows a panel called “PORT PROPERTIES”.

You are now connected to a demo chassis in the Xena test lab. The test chassis contains two 10G ports, looped to each other through an external cable. Note that you may see the chassis in the state that was left by the previous user who tried it out. Before you continue exploring the system, consider reading the 10-page Xena System Management Overview document. Feel free to explore the test system based on the understanding you gained from reading the Overview document, or follow the basic stream configuration example in demo instructions

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