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XenaMation - Automated Online Testing of Gigabyte Ethernet Networks

How does XenaMation makes testing easier?

Testing is repetitive and resource-intensive work that often involves complex multi-vendor, multi-device environments, each with their own testing API. This demands advanced engineering skills and training, specific hardware, software and software licenses, plus the time to run (and re-run) hundreds, or even thousands of tests and scripts — and then document and evaluate the results. Often the tests are engineer- and location-specific, which can make it difficult to share the results with relevant personnel in other locations and time-zones. If you recognize these problems then you’ll understand why using XenaMation for web-based network test automation makes life for test engineers easier by:

• Increasing efficiency and test productivity
• Reducing cycle times and time-to-market
• Reducing costs and complexity

Test smarter, not harder.

XenaMation lets test engineers simultaneously manage and control all Devices Under Test (DUT) and Devices Involved in Test (DIT) on XenaBay and XenaCompact. It can incorporate proprietary scripts, protocols and solutions, perform concurrent tests and gather results across multiple devices, and consolidate them onto one platform. Testers can leverage any MS Windows program or script, such as Wireshark, SIPp, hyperterm, .bat, Perl, or any Linux/Unix command or script, like Bash, Expect, TCL, Python, JAVA, DOS, etc., or customize their own. No additional programming skills are required.

Automation streamlines processes

XenaMation’s flexible automation features let you maximize productivity, improve reporting, assure consistency of results and product quality, and minimize labor time and costs. These efficiencies help reduce the time to market of revenue generating products. Web-based automation lets you run tests all day, every day, instead of limiting you to normal work hours. This means equipment that typically stands idle overnight, on weekends and on holidays can be fully utilized. This can mean you don’t have to purchase more equipment to support test teams during their 8-hour day. XenaMation lets you automate a battery of repetitive tests: functional testing, regression testing, smoke testing, usability testing, QA testing, BETA testing, API testing. You can run virtually any regression, load and performance, installation and configuration tests.

Key Features & Benefits

XenaMation is a web-based automation platform for testiing Gigabit Ethernet networks. Fully integrated with the XenaBay and XenaCompact platforms, XenaMation gives equipment and network test engineers 24/7 access from any Internet-enabled device, enabling them to:

• Run hundreds of test suites from anywhere using a web browser
• Easily share test results across geographically distributed locations
• Consolidate results for consistency, accuracy and reporting

Anywhere, anytime access

XenaMation’s web-based GUI suppports IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Netscape, with no client software to install or maintain. This makes it easy to:

• Manage testing progress from anywhere, anytime (incl. via mobile devices e.g. iPhone)
• View current or historical test results – completion summary reports
• Test metrics by test case, user, release#, defect#, date
• Configure alerts – email, SMS, & direct to voicemail



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