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GigaNet System's network emulation appliances provide precision, performance and predictability in your test infrastructure resulting in optimized system performance and robust system behavior under real world network conditions.

Service Providers, Enterprises, Network Equipment Manufactures and Application Developers need a high performance network emulator to replicate real world network effects in a controlled and repeatable manner. Having the ability to control network parameters such as latency and error rates independently in a repeatable manner is crucial for performing pre-deployment systems and application testing as well as effective analysis and remediation of problems observed in deployed systems.

By incorporating GigaNet System's emulators into their test and verification setup, users can introduce network effects such as latency, bandwidth limitations, data corruption, and bit errors on their network traffic and observe the resulting system behavior. GigaNet System's emulation products have industry's highest precision and the richest feature set to mimic real word scenarios accurately and easily. High performance emulators from GigaNet Systems utilizes customized ICs to process the network traffic and apply the specified network parameters to each frame at full line rate. Impairments are applied in a highly precise and repeatable manner which is essential for performance analysis and optimization as well as root-cause analysis.

Our high-performance 1G/10G Network Emulators replicates real world Ethernet network effects such as latency and errors on user traffic in a controlled environment. The VirtualNet emulators uses customized ICs to support full line rate performance at all frame sizes and impairment settings. The emulator can be transparently installed in-line as shown in the diagram below. VirtualNet emulators has an intuitive and easy to use GUI interface and a very powerful TCL based CLI to aid in configuration and testing.


VirtualNet 1G Network Emulator

VirtualNet 10G Network Emulator

VirtualSAN Emulator

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