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Monitor Gigabit from Edge to Core

Gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet networks mean high-speed communication, on-demand systems, and improved business functions. They also require diligent maintenance, real-time monitoring, and troubleshooting. To help fulfill the promise of gigabit technologies, network professionals require comprehensive, distributed analysis.

Network Instruments Gigabit and 10 Gb solutions provide multiple scalable options for enterprise organizations demanding a complete approach to network management. All appliances are 64-bit Windows systems and include our exclusive Gen2 capture technology designed to maximize analysis performance on critical links.



Network Instruments Advantages

•Full-duplex, wire-speed gigabit and 10 Gb capture and stats

•64-bit for faster processing and larger capture buffers

•Internally designed capture cards optimize analysis

•Processing at the probe speeds analysis, minimizes bandwidth usage

Our Commitment to Capture

We take unparalleled efforts to ensure your ability to capture and process data on gigabit or 10 Gb networks. We design and manufacture our Gen2 capture card to be the fastest available, supporting full-duplex gigabit and 10 Gb.

•Optimized for 10 Gb Analysis

•16-lane PCI Express card

•Filtering and stats performed on Gen2 card

•Data and analysis processed on GigaStor probe

•Store up to 288 TB of network-level data

Find Strength in Our Analytics

Gigabit and 10 Gb are the most critical links in an organization, used for data centers or high-demand, business critical applications. Pinpointing problems as quickly as possible is the most important concern administrators face when performance is impacted. That’s where we come in.

Observer’s Expert Analysis alerts you to potential problems and offers solutions. Use it to sift through and isolate problems from the millions of packets you'll capture on a high-speed network.

Utilize Observer’s MultiHop Analysis to automatically start simultaneous packet captures from different network segments and synchronize the buffers to find delay and packet loss.

In Connection Dynamics, get easy-to-read graphical views of system conversations for instant identification of long latency and response times. Retransmissions and lost packets are flagged for quick identification.

Measuring Gigabit & 10 Gb Performance

Make sure your high-capacity Gigabit or 10 Gb network remains healthy. Each of these powerful features and functionalities is included in Observer Expert and Observer Suite

•Real-time statistics

•Capacity planning

•SLA and QoS metrics

•Long-term trending and baselining

•Remote real-time Expert analysis

•VoIP analysis

•Application analysis

•Nanosecond resolution

•NetFlow collection capability

Gigabit & 10 Gb Reporting

In order to maintain business functions and ensure smooth application delivery it is critical to monitor and understand bandwidth usage patterns. Observer allows you to create and share custom reports and compare them over time to track performance changes.

From a higher level, the Observer Reporting Server provides enterprise-wide, aggregate reporting with real-time updates so you can ensure access to high-capacity links. Unlike other solutions, it also allows you to drill down from this level to troubleshoot at the packet level.

When a sporadic Gigabit or 10 Gb link issue is discovered, use the GigaStor retrospective network analysis appliance to rewind your network to the problem period and perform troubleshooting and analysis.

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