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Ensure Faster MTTR with Complete Performance Metrics

For most network management vendors application analysis has simply become a buzzword for monitoring HTTP traffic. At Network Instruments, we feel true application analysis is comprised of multiple facets.

First, consider Application Performance which focuses on your end-user experience. We can tell you exactly who is impacted, what systems, and provide actionable data.

Next, you need Transaction Analysis for understanding true performance beyond simple response time measurements. Observer’s transaction analysis provides extensive detail about the data that has been transported across your network.

Finally, data is meaningless without excellent Expert Analytics. We provide a variety of advanced analysis tools for faster and more accurate problem resolution.



Track Application Response Time and Performance Degradation

Performance Analysis focuses on monitoring application availability from the end user perspective. Observer looks at which systems are impacted and can tell you:

•Who is experiencing degraded performance

•Which applications are performing poorly

•Which servers are involved in the degradation

If you are interested in application performance from an enterprise-wide view consider the Observer Reporting Server. Our solutions also provide historical views to measure response-time degradation and plan for future upgrades.

Get Application Detail in Nanoseconds

Our Application Transaction Analysis is unique because we focus on performance beyond response time.

Instantly identify abnormal response times with Observer’s unique conversation views. Find problems caused by network congestion, fragmentation, and packet loss by isolating transaction problems, delay and intermittent connectivity.

Observer’s performance tools provide insight into complex applications involving routers, switches, load balancers, and multiple servers. Multi-Hop Analysis automatically synchronizes simultaneous captures so you can determine, “Is it the access layer, core, or service provider?

Get Ahead with Expert Troubleshooting Analytics

Data is nothing without superior analysis tools. Imagine a spreadsheet program that can't run formulas or pivot tables. We can’t either.

Our powerful Expert system can save critical minutes, hours, even days off of MTTR. Observer’s Expert tools easily track latency and monitor traffic across various conversation paths. Expert detail provides you with an instant idea on why the problem is occurring.

Measuring Application Response Time and Performance Degradation

Measuring and monitoring application response time is critical in today’s on-demand environment. Fortunately, Network Instruments Observer provides response time data for thousands of standard and user-defined applications. Understand application performance enterprise-wide or focus on specific locations with the Observer Reporting Server. Our solutions also provide historical views to measure response time degradation and better plan for future updates.

Our Connection Dynamics view  is especially useful in applications like VoIP that depend on more than one connection. For example, if VoIP analysis indicates call-setup time is increasing, Connection Dynamics will show whether the client or the call manager is causing the problem. With Observer it’s easy to pinpoint the exact cause of application slowdown.

Measure Performance Degradation
Server latency, transaction issues, network delay—all of this impacts application availability. Observer provides detailed metrics that allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of bottlenecks or slowdowns—ensuring a faster time to resolution.

Unmatched Application Detail

Sometimes response time is not enough to accurately troubleshoot performance problems. We go beyond tracking response times to provide detailed application-specific performance metrics. Observer has hard-coded knowledge of how applications are monitored and how clients and servers communicate. Utilize Observer’s application and server discovery, obtain error statistics, and gain up-to-the-minute application performance metrics for common applications including:

Application Performance metrics:


•Cisco Skinny (SCCP)












•Oracle (TNS)








For those wishing to focus on the infrastructure level, our Link Analyst monitoring solution uses WMI and SNMP to monitor Active Directory servers, Host Resources, Internet Information Services (IIS) servers, and more.

Aggregate Application Reporting for the Enterprise

Does the call center have enough bandwidth to run their applications? Is the new CRM package slowing your servers? Observer provides large-scale, network-wide reporting with the unique ability to drill down from the report to begin immediate problem resolution. Use this data to gauge long-term application use, monitor trends, and segment application health by location or department.

With ORS NetLive receive real-time application health on a global scale. NetLive provides 20-second resolution on top applications, response times, and other critical network and application metrics. Organize reports by business group and allow anyone in your organization to access via secure login.

Become Your Network’s Forensic Expert with Stream Reconstruction

When troubleshooting application problems, it is often important to know what file was accessed, what spreadsheet sent, or what webpage viewed. Observer’s Stream Reconstruction allows you to do exactly that, by capturing and recreating web pages, e-mails, and more, exactly as they were viewed. Use Observer to recreate:

•Web pages (including images)



•VoIP calls

•Instant messaging

•HTTP-transferred files

Manage Application Rollouts

Measure twice, cut once. Too often organizations roll out applications without adequate testing. With Observer it is simple to test and review application impact before deployment. Observer offers on-board tools to conduct network assessments, identify potential deployment obstacles, and make configuration adjustments. Use Observer’s predictive expert to forecast the impact of new applications on current bandwidth conditions.

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