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Distributed Ethernet Analysis

Distributed analysis is an essential tool for today’s enterprise network manager. Multiple vantage points allow for total network visibility, which offers tangible benefits over a centralized access point. Having access to actual data packets, as opposed to agentless solutions like NetFlow, allows for better understanding of problems and enhanced troubleshooting ability.

Deploying Network Instruments Ethernet probes at the network edge provides administrators with continuous visibility—offering real-time analysis and faster problem resolution.



And since the entire Observer family is based on the Network Instruments Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA) architecture, it is simple to monitor all segments of the network simultaneously, from any location, through a single user interface.

To capture network data, direct a switch’s SPAN session to a Network Instruments Ethernet probe. Ethernet probes report that data to Observer consoles located anywhere on the network for comprehensive, real-time analysis.

Unequaled Network Intelligence

Take advantage of our single, multi-port, and full-duplex Ethernet probes for the utmost in network troubleshooting and analysis visibility and function:

Track over 70 VoIP-specific metrics

Speed troubleshooting with over 570 Experts

Verify VLAN setups

Collect NetFlow and sFlow® data

Create long-term trending reports

Reconstruct web pages, e-mails, IM, and VoIP calls

Isolate transaction and conversation delay

Track application session flows and failed transactions

RMON Support
Hardware probes can be configured as RMON probes, supporting all 21 RMON groups with full adherence to RFCs. RMON probes report to any RMON or SNMP management console such as Observer.

10/100/1000 Probe Appliance

Available in 5 hardware configurations:

Single-Port Advanced Single Probe—a single session to view traffic on a single    
10/100/1000 segment

Single-Port Advanced Multi-Probe—multiple sessions by multiple users on a single 10/100/1000 segment

Dual-Port Advanced Multi-Probe—multiple sessions by multiple users on two 10/100/1000 segments

Single-Port Advanced Expert Probe—multiple sessions by multiple users, and real-time expert processing at the probe level on a single 10/100/1000 segment

Dual-Port Advanced Expert Probe—multiple sessions by multiple users, and real-time expert processing at the probe level on two 10/100/1000 segments

Multi-Port 10/100 Probe Appliance

Available in 2 different 4U rack mount hardware configurations:

Advanced Multi-Probe Appliance—Monitor multiple networks simultaneously, speed problem solving with multi-session support, and define individual access rights

Advanced Expert Probe Appliance—Advantages of advanced Multi-Probe plus real-time expert analysis and packet decodes at individual probe level

10/100 Full-Duplex Probe Appliance

Eliminate dependence on SPAN or mirror ports, reduce switch load, and ensure data integrity.

The 10/100 Full-Duplex Probe Appliance comes preloaded with the Advanced Expert Probe software, allowing for multiple user sessions, real-time expert processing at the probe, and individual access rights levels.

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