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Ensure Accurate SAN Captures

For the best in Storage Area Network analysis, Network Instruments brings award-winning analysis technology together with superior hardware appliances. Our proprietary Gen2 card ensures accurate captures on fully saturated SAN systems.



Fibre Channel Analysis Advantages:

•Monitor up to two full-duplex links independently or in aggregate

•Obtain full-duplex, wire-speed capture statistics (See the Video)

•Utilize the largest memory buffer in the industry

•Gain in-depth analysis through real-time metrics (See the Video)

•Maximize analysis with 64-bit technology

Set Expert Thresholds and Track Metrics

Monitor your SAN environment as easily as Ethernet or WAN

•Decode Fibre Channel protocols

•Monitor over 30 Fibre Channel statistics

•Track application performance

•Set alarms for proactive alerts

•Receive Expert help on 20 SAN-specific issues

•Review aggregate SAN health summaries

•Perform long-term trending and reporting

•Drill down to isolate conversations or transactions

With Observer you can set thresholds on all Fibre Channel events, including session delays on arbitrated loop, audio/video, link data, avionics, virtual interface, and more.

Fibre Channel Form Factors

Fiber Channel Probe Appliance
Provides complete monitoring and analysis for FC links. Reports to any Observer Expert or Observer Suite console on the network.

Fibre Channel Portable

A portable system that includes all necessary hardware and software for real-time, in-line, wire-speed capture and analysis.


A retrospective network analysis appliance with almost unlimited storage capacity. Troubleshoot even the most complex Fibre Channel issues.

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