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NextGig Systems is a Factory Authorized Network Instruments Reseller. Our product specialists are ready to provide information, demonstration and pricing on the Network Instruments products. If you have any questions on any of Network Instruments products please contacts us at 805-277-2400. You can also sign up for the “MUST SEE” web presentation on how the Retrospective Network Analysis on the GigaStor platform can benefit your company.

About Network Instruments

Since its inception in 1994, Network Instruments has striven to provide outstanding network troubleshooting and analysis solutions at competitive prices. From its strong beginnings to its current wide customer base focused on Global 2000 corporations, Network Instruments has maintained a culture of quality and innovation.

All Network Instruments solutions are, and always have been, developed in-house. Centered on the company's unique, distributed network architecture (NI-DNA™), each product functions as part of a seamlessly integrated holistic management solution.

For nearly fifteen years, network professionals have turned to Observer®, the first affordable Windows-based analyzer. Network Instruments' flagship product is more than a protocol analyzer, boasting powerful application analysis, expert analysis, stream reconstruction, and trending.

Network Instruments continues to see consistent, exponential growth, due in large part to its innovative GigaStor™ solution. Storing up to 288 TB of network data for days, weeks, or months, GigaStor allows administrators to rewind, analyze, and troubleshoot any issue.

An exciting addition to the Network Instruments solution set, the new Observer Reporting Server gives users high-level, aggregate, enterprise-wide views, while allowing them to drill to the packet level for further investigation.

With an ever-evolving set of network monitoring and management tools and a history of innovation and stability, it is no wonder Network Instruments continues to grow, delivering network insight to major corporations the world over.


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