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The uptake on virtualization technologies in enterprise environments has been intense. As more companies consolidate critical data servers onto fewer virtual hosts to reduce costs and save energy, the challenge becomes achieving the same visibility into virtual networks as was possible with physical hardware.

Network Instruments virtual solutions solve these issues by providing full access to virtual traffic on the wire, between hosts, and even between virtual machines within a single host.

Take advantage of:

•Troubleshooting and analysis

•Retrospective analysis

•Real-time reports

•Long-term trending



Overcome the Virtual Visibility Gap

With traditional monitoring, network professionals are left in the dark.

While many tools provide visibility into the communication flowing between the virtual and physical worlds, few are able to provide insight into the traffic flowing within the VM environment.

Overcome the Virtual Visibility Gap

Installing a software probe only provides a limited, short-term view of traffic.

A quick fix is to install a software probe onto a new machine within the host. This will provide basic analysis on the communication flowing within the VM environment but for solving complex problems, this information will not be enough.

Overcome the Virtual Visibility Gap

Our Virtual TAP technology provides full views into your VM environment.

The Virtual TAP feeds unaltered network data to analyzer systems or IDSs. This technology provides an exact copy of all VM traffic communication required for complex problem resolution.

For example, couple the Virtual TAP with our retrospective network analysis device to solve complex multi-tiered application issues. Or pair the Virtual TAP with an IDS to monitor for critical VM-to-VM security breaches. Purpose-built devices like these demand complete packet detail for analysis.

Virtual TAP technology is included with many of our software probes. Request more details on obtaining full VM traffic visibility today.

A Virtual Push

The purpose of a traditional network TAP is to feed unaltered network data to devices such as analyzers and IDS's. Similarly, the Virtual TAP functionality within the Multi-Probe and Expert Probe pushes data otherwise inaccessible inside a virtual host out to the physical world.

To accomplish this, the Virtual TAP directs all traffic to the virtual switch to a dedicated virtual NIC and out to the analysis, monitoring, or security device.

This ability is especially useful in monitoring multi-tiered applications running across virtual machines within a single host, and in detecting intrusions or attacks on one virtual server that subsequently affect others.

Go Virtual with GigaStor

One of the most exciting options for the Virtual TAP technology within our Multi-Probe and Expert Probe is to employ GigaStor's retrospective network analysis on virtual machines, just as you would a physical device.

Since all virtual machine conversations—communications to, from, and between virtual machines within a host—are available in unaltered form to GigaStor, they can be captured and stored for later troubleshooting and analysis.

For example, if a problem occurred within a virtual server farm over the weekend, simply access GigaStor, rewind the stored data to that point in time, and see firsthand what occurred before, during, and after the incident. This process saves hours of time that would normally be spent waiting for the issue to recur.

Also, take advantage of our Link Analyst solution to gather SNMP data from virtual hosts or track virtual devices using WMI.

Custom Reports for Virtual Machines

Apply the Network Instruments "top-down" approach—drilling from real-time aggregate views of the entire network to packet-level detail—to virtual machines using the Network Instruments virtual solution.

While Observer could always monitor and analyze virtual traffic traversing the wire, it is now able to access all virtual conversations, including those between virtual machines within a single host.

This means virtual conversation data is available to the Observer Reporting Server (ORS), the Network Instruments enterprise-wide performance monitoring solution. Use it to view all virtual machines as a single logical group, to know at a glance when and where problems are occurring.

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