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Wireless Analysis Solutions Overview

All Observer products offer WLAN monitoring. When equipped with a wireless NIC, each analyzer or probe detects wireless activity and relays metrics to Observer consoles anywhere on the network for analysis. Load Observer on a laptop for mobile monitoring power.

While conducting WLAN monitoring, Network Instruments probes allow you to simultaneously monitor the wired side of the network. Wireless-only analyzers can’t decode beyond the MAC layer since the header is encrypted in most security configurations. With Observer, you have the option to view the entire wired-side payload.



Invest in the solution that easily handles both wired and wireless network monitoring.

•Identify vulnerabilities

•Stay on top of wireless health

•Uncover wireless trends

•Simultaneously monitor wired networks

•Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n

Wireless Network Security

Observer helps prevent and eliminate wireless security vulnerabilities by identifying critical items such as:

•Rogue access points

•Rogue clients

•Broadcasted SSIDs

•Incorrectly configured access points

•Virus and attack signatures

Observer’s wireless functionality also includes full decryption of WPA and WPA2 protocols.

“The knowledge and insight provided by Observer is priceless. How can I quantify how much money and time we’ve potentially saved by locating rogue access points? Observer ensured our data wasn’t susceptible to hackers—I can’t tell you how much that is worth.”

Christian Wilson
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Wireless Health Analysis

Wireless Site Survey
Determining optimal access point locations, verifying performance, and maintainingwireless communication is painless with Observer's Wireless SiteSurvey, which measures a variety of wireless metrics, including signal strength and quality, and data transfer rates.

Wireless Health Display (view video)
Observer investigates wireless performance at the packet level, providing an at-a-glance, heads-up display of wireless health. Statistics include utilization levels, CRC errors, and more.

Long-Term Trending Reports
Collect, store, view, and analyze network statistics over long periods of time for baseline comparison on components including frame type, control frames, management frames, data frames, speed, and signal strength.

Wireless Experts, Triggers, and Alarms

Troubleshooting Experts
Observer’s Expert Analysis quickly isolates wireless problems and provides solutions for many events, including:

•Unknown stations

•Spoofed MAC addresses

•Encryption disabled or enabled

•Authentication / de-authentication rates

•Whether access point using open system or shared key authentication

Triggers and Alarms (view video)
Observer notifies you about abnormal wireless activity, including:

•Unknown stations and access points

•Poor signal strength/quality

•Access point overload

•Access point with broadcasted SSID

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