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Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewalls - Application Visibility

Visibility into Applications, Users & Content

IP addresses and port numbers are useful for network devices but tell you nothing about what is on the network. Knowledge of the applications, users and content traversing the network provides an organization with the power to quickly determine the associated risks and quickly respond. Leveraging the rich context provided by the Palo Alto Networks' firewall, the visualization, analysis and reporting tools, allow an administrator to quickly learn more about network activity and analyze incidents from a current or comparative perspective. Watch Video.

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Visibility into applications, web traffic, threats and data patterns.

ACC is an interactive, graphical summary of the applications, users, URLs, threats and content traversing the network, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on. It provides a 10,000 foot view that can, with 2 or3 clicks be narrowed down to a detailed view as a means of learning more about what's traversing the network, including links to the policy that allowed the behavior so it can be tuned as needed.

Knowledge is power. Learning more about new or unfamiliar applications or threats that appear in ACC is quickly accomplished with single click, displaying a description of the application or threat, an application's key features and behavioral characteristics as well as details on the users using an application or those affected by a threat. Additional data on traffic source and destination, security rules and zones provides a wider view of the application usage patterns.


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Visibility based on users and groups – not IP addresses.

Integration with a wide range of directory services allows the system to display user information (along with IP address), complementing the application and threat information. Additional filters can be added to learn more about application use for individual users along with the threats detected within the application traffic. In the span of just a few minutes, ACC provides administrators with the data they need to make more informed security policy decisions and take action to reduce risk in the enterprise.

Comparative view into traffic and threat patterns.

App-Scope is a dynamic, user-customizable window into network activity, presenting the administrator with comparative statistics based upon different time frames, applications, application categories, threat profile and more. A standard feature of both the device web-interface and Panorama (centralized management), App-Scope helps reduce the amount of time an administrator needs to investigate unusual behavior.

Detailed analysis of all traffic and device activities.

The log viewer provides a fine-grained view into network activity, that, when combined with context and expression-based filtering, enables administrators to monitor, analyze, and investigate security incidents. The log viewer leverages the integration with user repositories, complementing application and threat views with user and group visibility. Logs can be automatically sent to a syslog server, while individual filter results can be exported to a CSV file for offline archival or further analysis.

Customized reporting for all traffic and device activities.

Using either Panorama or the individual device management interface, administrators have fingertip access to powerful reporting and logging to investigate and analyze security incidents, application usage and user behavior. More than 40 predefined reports can be used as is or they can be customized, combining elements of other reports and saved for future use. Report generation can be automated to run on a scheduled basis and the results can be emailed or exported to PDF or Excel.