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Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewalls - Data Filtering & File Blocking

Data Filtering & File Blocking

Feature-level control, file blocking by type and data filtering features allow organizations to implement a range of policies that can help balance the use of personal or non-work related applications with the business and security risks associated with unauthorized file and data transfer.

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Enabling applications while blocking unapproved or dangerous files
by type.

Controls the flow of a wide range of file types by looking deep within the payload to identify the file type (as opposed to looking only at the file extension) to determine if the transfer of the file is allowed by policy. File blocking by type can be implemented on a per application basis which can, for example, allow an organization to enable the use of specific webmail application like Gmail and allow attachments, but block the transfer of specific file types.


Enabling or denying the use of file transfer features.

Feature level control over file transfer represents another policy option that may help balance application use with policy control. Policies can be established to allow the use of an IM or webmail application but deny the use of the related file transfer function.

Prevent data loss with pattern-based content identification.

Rounding out the filtering features is the ability to identify and control the transfer of sensitive data patterns such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or custom data patterns in application content or attachments.

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