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Palo Alto Networks' Next-Generation Firewalls - GlobalProtect

Consistent Policy & Enforcement for All Users

GlobalProtect extends the same next-generation firewall-based policies that are enforced within the physical perimeter to all users, no matter where they are located. In effect, GlobalProtect establishes a logical perimeter that extends policy beyond the physical perimeter. Employees working from home, on the road for business, or logging in from a coffee shop will be protected by the logical perimeter in the same manner that they would be if they were working from their office.

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Standardized control of applications, users and content,
irrespective of location.

GlobalProtect delivers a significant benefit to organizations; a consistent firewall-based security policy for all users, irrespective of location. The creation and management of separate policies for firewalls and remote users is eliminated, as are the associated management efforts. Using GlobalProtect, roaming devices will automatically discover the organizations' nearest Palo Alto Networks gateway and upon login, will be protected as though they were working locally. The same application enablement, threat prevention, and URL filtering policies that are applied to users within the corporate walls are applied to users when they login remotely. The result is a streamlined security infrastructure that eliminates duplicate security components and builds a more consistent security policy.


Protects the network from out-of-date laptops and PCs.

GlobalProtect expands the security policy matching criteria beyond applications, users and content to include information about the host state. Prior to granting access to a network resource, host state policies can be established to verify critical elements such as OS patch level or updated virus protection being available and active on the client computer."

Single Sign-on streamlines login process.

For Microsoft Windows users, single sign-on can be established, taking full advantage of the Windows login process, for a seamless user experience. Currently supported operating systems include Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32- and 64 bit).

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