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Connectivity Management System

In today’s IT environments, managing data connectivity is absolutely vital for any business; a single mistake can cause massive outages, and poor records mean time and money is spent on tracing connections before changes are made.

CableSolve is an enterprise ready Connectivity, Infrastructure and Asset Management System that provides portable and end-to-end management and documentation of the IT infrastructure, network connectivity, related and un-related assets. CableSolve provides complete visibility of physical connections (both data and power) and connected assets across any environment.

Successfully used in a wide variety of environments, including offices, data centers, and large campus environments.

Solves the problem of IT connectivity management. It combines powerful, feature-rich, client, server, web and mobile applications with the highly advanced data-capture handheld. The ability to view and then accurately add and update records on the handheld in ‘real-time’ when an infrastructure change is made, is critical to effective management and control. The handheld works off-line with a synchronized copy of the database ensuring it works anywhere information is required. Accurate connectivity and asset records mean users can trust the data and use it for planning, rather than the highly inefficient checking of the data against the actual infrastructure.

CableSolve can record the entire physical infrastructure, including power and data connectivity, and it retains a full history of moves and changes. Query assets such as SNMP devices, WMI devices and computers to provide an up-to-the-minute view of the entire infrastructure. Visual dashboards of capacity and historical trends present this information in the exact format required.

An important concept is the ability to store information about any type of network connection and cable type, for example LAN, WAN, PABX, direct line, leased line and PSTN across all locations whether it is data centre, communications room, office or public area and even in conduits between buildings and facilities.

Manage the entire physical connectivity infrastructure from the structured cabling to the switches, routers, and PABXs all the way to the outlets, and peripheral equipment such as desktop PC’s, printers, servers and telephones

The advanced audit module allows you to examine and compare whether the equipment and connectivity recorded in CableSolve is the same as the physical assets and connectivity present in the facility. Audit connections in patch panels to determine and resolve connectivity inaccuracies with no cable tracing required. It also supports an asset Audit mode to audit only the assets in a location providing total control of both connectivity and related assets.

Without a robust, easy to use connectivity management system, connectivity records are soon hopelessly out-of-date, causing change planning to be expensive and wasting up to 40% in network hardware, such as LAN ports.

Other Features

Other “Connectivity Management” related CableSolve features include:

Floor plan views of any area, overlaid with CableSolve data

Import and export of data in XL, PDF, CS, XML formats.

Custom reports and exports that can be scheduled and sent via e-mail or to files.

The CableSolve “conduit and pathways” functionality ensures that all inter-floor or inter-building cabling can be accurately recorded, including capacity and fill information.

Change management system to plan work-orders that can be executed on the handheld.

Full read/write scripting of SNMP/WMI controls that can be read, stored, and manipulated on a time, or on change basis.

Web services XML API for external integration.

Read-only history of all changes made in the system.

User configurable historical data reporting on any data.


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