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IT Asset Management Solution

IT asset management is critical to ensuring that the physical infrastructure is managed effectively. CableSolve solves the problem of IT asset management. Combine powerful, feature-rich, client, server and web applications with the very advanced data capture handheld. The ability to view and then accurately add and update records on the handheld in ‘real-time’ when an infrastructure change is made, is critical to effective management and control. Accurate infrastructure asset records mean users trust the data and use it for planning, rather than checking the data against the actual infrastructure.

IT Asset Management Challenges

Companies are demanding “more-from-less” of their IT asset teams. In large organizations the amount of technology equipment is immense; this can range from telephones, PCs, laptops, printers and mobile devices in the work area and associated equipment in multiple distribution rooms throughout the building or campus and can include the data center. To be able to achieve these demands, perfect physical records are mandatory.

The Solution For Your It Assets Management

CableSolve is designed to assist in the complete asset management process, from receiving new equipment, through deployment to end of life. 

At the very start of the process, data records about new equipment can be imported before the equipment even arrives, and then it can be scanned, inventory management style, into storage locations ready for deployment. The imported data can also be used to create work-orders so that even before the equipment is delivered the plan to deploy the equipment is already clear.

As equipment is deployed, it can be assigned to both a user and a physical location tying the assets (including items like mobile phones) to a person for control purposes. Once the equipment is deployed, any change is tracked and executed on a handheld. There is also a strong audit function to ensure that records are accurate. Tie SNMP/WMI discovery and tracking to the physical records and provide alerts when there are discrepancies.

Supports completely configurable templates, attributes and icons database, so that any equipment can be represented exactly, and the information you need to store about each item can be configured in templates, and then presented to the user each time an equipment is added or updated.

The use of Excel spreadsheets and other simple databases just can’t provide the level of information required by today’s IT environments.

Not just an IT asset management system;it is a complete IT infrastructure management system. This includes the ability to record all data and power connectivity so that it’s possible to record exactly what each asset is connected to.

It is easy to consolidate multiple information sources such as asset, location, power, ownership, support, connectivity, plan, history, and configuration information into one centralized database that multiple business teams can securely access.

IT groups including IT and facilities management, network administrators, support desk, and audit and compliance teams can all use the data in CableSolve to assist with their jobs, and use the system to keep the information completely up-to-date.

With demands on IT asset management showing no signs of slowing down and the issues of IT infrastructure management increasing, it’s clear that the centralized management of the physical layers is required.

Other features IT Asset Management include:

Floor plan views of any area, overlaid with CableSolve asset data

Import and export of data in XL, PDF, CS, XML formats.

Custom reports and exports that can be scheduled and sent via e-mail or to files.

Change management system to plan work-orders that can be executed on the                        


Full read/write scripting of SNMP/WMI controls that can be read, stored, and manipulated on a time, or on change basis.

Web services XML API for external integration.

Read-only history of all changes made in the system.

User configurable historical data reporting on any data.


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