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Platforms and Configurations

Select the chassis to suit your needs Investigator Platforms have been designed to meet a number of different customer requirements from high port count to extreme portability and ruggedization. 

Investigator makes use of industry standards within its design to protect customer investments in our technology. This means future upgrade paths are flexible and cost effective.  Often, additional protocols and capabilities can be self-installed into existing hardware, without having to send the unit back to the


Fully-Integrated Architecture

Investigator’s architecture incorporates its protocol analyzer and traffic generator into the same hardware, making it an elegant and complete solution for testing devices within  a CPRI environment.  

Validate & Debug

Investigator not only validates compliance and interoperability to CPRI  specifications, but also offers a complete test environment to debug when tricky problems and errors are encountered.  Investigator’s capability to see every bit down to the hardware level.

General Specifications:

- Integrated Protocol Analyzer and Traffic Generator

- Supporting all CPRI versions up to and including 4.1

- 1.228, 2.457, 3.072, 4.915 & 6.144 Gbps link speeds

- Up to 32 time-synchronized full-duplex channels

- Lossless 100% line rate data capture

- Visibility down to the bit level

- Real time analysis, filtering and triggering

- Real time traffic generation of CPRI packets

- A variety of connector and cable options available

  1. -Multiple chassis configurations, including portable, rack mount, and ruggedized

The Investigator™ for CPRI quickly debugs and validates CPRI communications links by allowing the user to see every interaction between the devices under test.

CPRI is a trademark of Nokia Siemens Networks.