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ATTEST Framework

Veryx ATTEST Test Platform provides network equipment manufacturers and network service providers a comprehensive range of solutions for conformance, functional and performance testing of equipment and networks.

Veryx ATTEST is an integrated testing framework enables testers reduce time taken to test. Veryx ATTEST has many tester-friendly features such as flexible DUT control, CLI/ GUI-based access, easy debugging and detailed reporting.

Veryx ATTEST 6.x Test Framework supports a flexible and distributed environment catering to diverse test lab requirements for today's dynamic conditions. ATTEST significantly speeds-up the testing cycles and accelerates product development. Its unique design results in minimal time for set-up and enables efficient use of time and resources.


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ATTEST Clients provide intuitive access of ATTEST 6.x Framework Servers executing on ATTEST hardware platforms.


Multi-User Testing

Multiple ATTEST-based test servers executing test-cases can be operated from ATTEST test clients spread over the network. ATTEST provides central management of user access, test results and reports, while facilitating a flexible distributed test environment. Using web-based access, you have any-time, any-where access to highly informative test reports and test result information.

Higher Testing Productivity

ATTEST requires very minimal setup time and hence Test Engineers can start using the product almost immediately. Devices under test can be quickly integrated with ATTEST for automated testing using CLI and SNMP based control. ATTEST speeds up the testing by compressing the testing cycles through total automation and providing enhanced analysis capabilities.

ATTEST ensures portability of test suites enabling testers to verify multiple test environments. ATTEST's highly automated framework helps to verify implementations faster and makes testing more productive, thus reducing "time required to test" and enhancing "time to market". Overall, ATTEST enables more testing in less time.

Intelligent Testing

ATTEST takes complete control of the testing, once test execution is initiated. ATTEST's architecture is such that it takes away the testing and execution load from the test engineer and allows the test engineer to fully focus on identifying and fixing any test failures. ATTEST's powerful debugging features and multi-level test reports / logs ensure that fault isolation and debugging is efficient and fast.

The powerful features and comprehensive test coverage make ATTEST, a compelling tool that OEMs and Service providers can rely on to speed-up their testing.

Effective Test Management

ATTEST helps to manage and plan the testing process in a highly controlled, streamlined and efficient manner. ATTEST provides the QA Engineer a high level of visibility on the progress of the Testing cycles. ATTEST captures key parameters relating to Test progress, Summary Test Results, Regression results etc., enabling QA Engineers with up to-the-minute status at any time during testing and at the end of the Test Cycle, and without having to go through exhaustive log reports. Intuitive test reports facilitate easier and effective management of the conformance testing.

Test Manager allows multiple users to execute various tests from different remote locations. Once test results are logged into the database at the ATTEST Server, they can even be accessed using a browser over the internet.

ATTEST helps optimize costly test resources by facilitating scheduling of selected tests at pre-defined timeframes. ATTEST provides a high degree of flexibility to transition between multiple test environments seamlessly without additional test setup time.

Zero Touch Execution

ATTEST Test Suites are automated to the point of "Zero Touch" execution. Test execution with ATTEST is straight-forward - all the selected test cases are executed sequentially, without any manual intervention. The results are displayed in an easy to read "at-a-glance" Test Report that clearly provides the Pass/Fail/Abort result The Test Progress can be easily reviewed on screen by looking at the test logs with the expected response. The execution details are also captured in the log files for a more detailed analysis. In the event of a test failing, the detailed logs can be reviewed for problem isolation and debugging.

24x7 Testing Capability

ATTEST supports 24*7 regression testing requirements by enabling the option to schedule for any desired time of the day. ATTEST provides the feature of selecting as many test cases and cycles as required and sets the testing on regression mode. This also helps optimize test lab resources and facilities execution during non-working hours, week-ends and holidays.

Test Manager allows multiple users to execute various tests from different remote locations. Once test results are logged into the database at the ATTEST Server, they can even be accessed using a browser over the internet.


View and execute Test cases

ATTEST Client Test case manager is used to view individual test cases and execute them, to verify the configured DUT. It is capable of executing the test scripts in one of the DUT management modes - manual, automated (CLI or SNMP based control)


Viewing and analyzing test results using the ATTEST Client is easy, since it provides detailed test logs and packet sequences with ability to drill-down to the extent of individual decoded packets.

Schedule batch execution

ATTEST Client can schedule tests to execute a group of test cases in fully automated manner.


ATTEST Client provides advanced reporting capability for better understanding of the progress of testing cycles. ATTEST also provides a comprehensive report on the comparison of test cycles in thus enabling easy analysis and management of the test process.


ATTEST-Framework-Server 6.x with 3 Remote ATTEST-Clients - WinXP & FC

Part number: FW6S-3FW6C-B

ATTEST-Framework-Server 6.x with 1 Remote ATTEST-Clients - WinXP & FC

Part number: FW6S-1FW6C-B

ATTEST-Framework-6.x Client - WinXP & FC

Part number: FW6C-B