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Equipment Testing

Veryx ATTEST Test Suites are automated test suites for the testing needs of equipment manufacturers and service providers in their lab, for verification of equipment being deployed in applications for Broadband Access, Carrier Ethernet, Data center, Enterprise, Industrial Ethernet and Network Security.

Veryx ATTEST-XP and Veryx ATTEST-CTS are ready-to-run automated test suites for wide range of Carrier Ethernet, Layer 2 and Layer 3 applications:

• Veryx ATTEST-XP tests suites provide Functional testing covering functionality, typical deployment scenarios in multi-protocol topologies, scalability etc

• Veryx ATTEST-CTS tests suites verify Conformance to protocol standards.

All ATTEST test suites are based on the Veryx ATTEST Framework - a powerful environment that makes testing and debugging faster and easier. Test scripts are written in industry standard Tcl/Tk.

The table below provides a complete list of Veryx products.


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