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SAMTEST Framework

Veryx SAMTEST Framework provides network service providers with an efficient and easy to use platform for SAMTEST service activation and troubleshooting. For more information on SAMTEST service activation and troubleshooting solution.

Veryx SAMTEST framework enables network engineers reduce time taken to verify services and supports easy configuration, CLI/ GUI-based access, easy debugging and detailed reporting.

Veryx SAMTEST Test Framework supports a flexible and distributed environment catering to diverse test requirements for today's dynamic conditions. SAMTEST significantly speeds-up service activation testing and diagnostics. Its unique design results in minimal time for set-up and enables efficient use of time and resources.


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SAMTEST Framework executes on the SAMTEST Controller hardware and comes with an intuitive GUI that can be access via any browser.

SAMTEST Controller co-ordinates with Veryx Test Probes to initiate tests, gather statistics and generate reports

Pre-built Service Activation Tests

Veryx SAMTEST is offered with most extensive suite of pre-built tests to cover service activation based on CE 2.0 and Y.1564 using either data frames or Y.1731 LBM frames and can generate birth certificate reports for Service activation. The pre-built tests verify Connectivity, Bandwidth Profile, VLAN Preservation, CoS Preservation, Service Performance, Service OAM Handling and Bundling. With these pre-built tests executing in an automated manner, it substantially reduces Service Activation time.

Pre-built intelligence for Diagnostics

SAMTEST's powerful debugging features with built-in intelligence to execute various combination of tests to isolate the failure along and multi-level test reports/logs ensure that fault isolation and debugging is efficient and fast. With this, diagnostics can be performed using less skilled resources and thereby facilitates efficient deployment of highly skilled resources.

The powerful features make SAMTEST, a compelling tool that Service providers can rely on to speed-up their testing.

Zero touch execution

SAMTEST Framework automates test execution to the point of "Zero Touch" execution. Test execution with SAMTEST is straight-forward - all the selected test cases are executed sequentially, without any manual intervention. The results are displayed in an easy to read "at-a-glance" Test Report that clearly provides the Pass/Fail/Abort result. The Test Progress can be easily reviewed on screen by looking at the test logs with the expected response. The execution details are also captured in the log files for a more detailed analysis. In the event of a test failing, the detailed logs can be reviewed for problem isolation and debugging.

Test Customization

SAMTEST tests are developed using industry standard TCL scripts. Well defined APIs and source files provide the flexibility to add new test and customize or modify the pre-built test cases for specific requirements.

Centralized Control

SAMTEST Framework executes on the centralized controller hardware and can be accessed via web. Centralized control avoids confusion and increases the overall efficiency of the testing and diagnostics procedure. With this, fault isolation can be centrally done and field technicians can be effectively used to resolve the issues.

Flexible Reporting

SAMTEST reports address the needs of a broad audience from technical to executive levels to provide comprehensive insights into SLA performance at various levels. The intuitive test reports can be easily sliced and diced for various parameters and can be shared with the customers as well as partners.

Customer Reports

The customer portal enables per customer based reporting which can directly be shared with the customer. The customer portal can significantly contribute towards increasing customer loyalty.