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AFDX Testing (Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet) Test Solution



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AFDX Protocol Analyzer - Powerful. Efficient. Flexible.

Investigator™ AFDX Protocol Analyzer provides the most powerful and granular triggers and filters ever developed. Investigator’s efficient pre-filter memory management permits data capture over lengthy periods of time, while intuitive application software presents data in easily understood graphical and tabled display formats.

  1. -Allows interoperability testing using a multi-speed, multi-protocol environment

  2. -Captures data at Full Line Rates, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on

  3. -Increases robustness of your device by doing forced error testing and impairment testing

- Shaves days and weeks off your debug time

Protocol Analyzer Features

  1. -Supporting standard AFDX speeds such as 10/100/1000/10000, but also non-standard such as 2.5 Gbps AFDX

- Simple intuitive GUI — capture and display data in just two mouse clicks

- Concurrent 100% true line rate traffic generation and capture

  1. -Share, filter and study trace files using standalone viewer software (freely distributable)

  2. -Isolate problems quickly using automatic decodes of iSCSI, IP, TCP,  UDP, and proprietary protocol frames

  3. -Capture only key events using multi-level, multi-channel triggers and filters

  4. -Real time display of statistical data in customizable tabular and chart formats

  5. -Time correlated analysis on up to 32 simultaneous ports of any supported protocol

- 1GB Trace Memory per port

- Multi-protocol capable hardware

- Copper and optical interface support

  1. -External triggering input and output


- Military Communications

- Military and Defense

- Satellite Communications

- Radar System Development & Test

- UAV Network Monitoring

- Fibre Channel Avionics Test

- Ground Vehicle Network Interfaces

Investigator's AFDX tools are completely integrated with all other Absolute Analysis solutions to form a flexible, unified, scalable, and upgradeable architecture. This facilitates multi-protocol testing across devices bridging AFDX and other protocols.

The Absolute Analysis Investigator™ AFDX Analyzer testing solution.