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OBSAI Protocol Analyzer for Open Base Station Architecture Initiative



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Bypass and Traffic Generation Modes

Investigator™ monitors OBSAI link traffic in different modes:

Bypass Mode: Investigator connects inline and monitors traffic real time. A maximum 16 full duplex OBSAI links can be supported in this mode.

Traffic Generation Mode: Investigator is used as an end-point device. A maximum 32 OBSAI end points can be supported .

Monitor Multiple Points

The capacity of Investigator is 16 link pairs. This gives the tool the capability of monitoring multiple points simultaneously, and view the results with full time correlation.

This capability is not limited to a single protocol. Multiple types of protocols can also be monitored to check data passing through multiple protocol domains.

Monitor Errors Real-Time

Investigator™ captures data at full line rate. Couple this with its advanced triggering and filtering, allows users to monitor for conditions and errors in real-time. This not only saves time to find the problem, but also helps designers quickly find which device is misbehaving. This proprietary filtering and triggering is unique to the industry, and has the power to reduce your debug time in half or more.

Investigator™ for OBSAI provides a comprehensive tool set for validating and debugging OBSAI links between devices such as Remote Radio Head Units and Base Band Units

General Specifications:

- Supports Protocol Analyzer, Traffic Generator and Performance Statistics

- Compatible with RP1, RP2, RP3, and RP3-01 OBSAI links

- 1.536, 3.072, and 6.144 Gbps link speeds

- Up to 32 time-synchronized ports

- Lossless 100% line rate data capture

- Supports air interface standards GSM/EDGE, WDCMA/LTE, & 802.16d-e

- Real time traffic generation of OBSAI packets

- Validate user data (IQ) and control data

  1. -Multiple chassis configurations, including portable, rack mount, and ruggedized

Find and Debug Errors Fast

Investigator software provides exceptional functionality to find and debug errors fast. The software can constantly monitor data on the line, and only capture events necessary for your debug. This both saves time as well as precious capture data, insuring you will capture only the required conditions that caused the problem.

To achieve this, the software utilizes a number of advanced functionality, including:

  1. -Alarms: Build and save custom trigger, filter and capture configurations to server for later use, or use as part of a formal test procedure

  2. -Advanced triggering: Start capturing data only when specific conditions are met

  3. -Powerful filtering: Sift through trace data fast, and filter out all conditions except the ones you are looking for

  4. -Search facilities: Find any data pattern within any packet or control symbol, and maintain a library of predefined search patterns

- Bookmarks: Set bookmarks for reference in later debugging

Search Facilities

- Find next and previous packet

- Create and go-to bookmarks

- Search for source or destination address

- Search for any data pattern within a packet or control symbol

  1. -Library of predefined search items

  2. -Find trigger events within a trace.

Data Display Formats

- Raw, 8B/10B, hexadecimal, and frame modes

- Detailed decode of each packet or control symbol down to individual bit level

- Highly configurable trace display with color coded channel data

- Independent or merged channel views

- Multi-layer post capture filtering on all fields.

  1. -Save/print/export trace segments or entire capture with comments.

Expert Control: Find and Trigger on Anything

Part of the exercise of validating and debugging involves finding the problem quickly, without having to sift through gigabytes of data. With Investigator, the advanced triggering will allow you to trigger on any event or character within the protocol specification, and then setup automated multi-step tests.

Multi-Level, Complex Condition Triggering with External Sync Out Function

Generate Real OBSAI Traffic Your Device

Absolute Analysis Investigator’s OBSAI Traffic Generator allows you to generate compliant traffic into a Device Under Test (DUT) with complete control over the timing and content of the data.

Valid and invalid traffic streams can be defined to test device error recovery. The traffic generator’s ability to maintain full-line rate traffic, even across multiple links, allows device performance to be measured and operation under stress to be characterized.

Investigator’s Traffic Generator together with the Frame Builder application allows user-defined data to be sent across the interface.

Investigator Platforms

Select the chassis to suit your requirements from high port count to extreme portability and ruggedization.

Investigator Platforms have been designed to meet a number of different customer requirements from high port count to extreme.

Investigator makes use of industry standards within its design to protect customer investments in our technology. This means future upgrade paths are flexible and cost effective. Often, additional protocols and capabilities can be self-installed into existing hardware, without having to send the unit back to the factory.

Investigator platforms use industry standard PC-based platforms, Windows-based operating systems and Java-based applications.

Investigator Library API - Write your own test case suites

All of the functions used by the various Investigator applications are made available to the user through the Investigator Library APIk. The ‘C’ compatible interface allows 3rd party applications to be created on top of the investigator platform that can be used for Test Automation, Production Testing or Conformance Testing.

The API can also be accessed from a UNIX platform using remote procedure calls enabling the integration of Unix-based platforms into the Investigator Solution. As the support of Java-based applications increases within the Investigator platform, parts of the solution can run natively under UNIX.

Specific Applications

Investigator is designed for and in use today in the following industries & applications:

- Base station design, development and field testing

- Radio Head design, development and field testing

- Any baseband block and local or remote RF block testing