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Gigamon GigaLINK-SR, GigaLINK-LR, GigaLINK- ER (10G Optical)

The GigaLINK -SR, -LR, or -ER adds one 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic port to the GigaVUE-420. A single 10GigE XFP is included in each module.

GLK-312: 10 Gig port with MultiMode SR 850 nm (200 Meter) transceiver, LC connector

GLK-313: 10 Gig port with SingleMode LR 1310 nm (10 km) transceiver, LC connector

GLK-314: 10 Gig port with SingleMode ER 1550 nm (40 km) transceiver, LC connector

Optional 10GigE XFP transceivers:

XFP-502: SR 850 nm (200 Meter)

XFP-503: LR 1310 nm (10 km)

XFP-504: ER 1550 nm (40 km)

Gigamon GigaLINK-Cu (10G Copper)

GigaLINK modules provide high-speed connectivity to 10 Gbps links and can be used as network, tool, or stacking ports. GigaLINK modules can be installed in the x1, x2, x3, and x4 slots at the rear of the unit. Slots x1 and x2 can be used as stacking ports to extend your Data Access Network across multiple chassis.

Optional Accessories:

Stacking cable: CX4 copper cable (5/15 Meters)

Model Numbers:

CBL-005: 5 meter cable

CBL-015: 15 meter cable

gigamon gigalink fo
gigamon gigalink cu



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