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Gigamon GigaTAP-Tx

The GigaTAP-Tx module when installed in GigaVUE-420 or GigaVUE-MP provides the ability to TAP two copper Gigabit Ethernet links, copying traffic to specified tool ports as it flows through the TAP. There are two pairs of RJ45 connectors per module. Each pair TAPs a single 10/10/1000 Base-T FDX Ethernet link. The GigaTAP-Tx features fault tolerance and link failure propagation. Magnetic relays maintain the link even under power fail conditions. GigaTAP-Tx ports can be used as either network or tool ports.

Link TAP Mechanism:

Electronically repeats the link signals when in ACTIVE mode and port-pairing is established.

GigaTAP model numbers (copper only):

TAP-201: Dual copper 10/100/1000 ethernet TAP module

gigamon gigavue gigatap tx



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