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Gigamon Releases Version 3.5

Announcing GigaVUE® Version 3.5 – Another leap forward towards better network security, compliance, and application monitoring with Gigamon technology

Silicon Valley, CA - July 09, 2007 - Gigamon Systems, the leading provider of data access solutions for out of-band network monitoring, announces the availability of its new GigaVUE® V.3.5 software. This release builds on the previous version 3.0 which added 10 Gigabit Ethernet support, large scale stacking capability, and innovative map-based smart connection technology which allows for the distribution of packets to various destination monitoring tools. Acting on packet parameters such as network or MAC addresses, VLAN, protocol, or application ports, the packets are mapped to the desired customer monitoring tools of any variety or speed capability, up to 10 Gigabits. This capability allows for multiple network monitoring, security, compliance, or troubleshooting tools access to any traffic from any switch or link in the data center, without affecting the, most valuable, real data flow. Further more, it keeps the “fire hose” effects of traffic from overwhelming the network monitoring tools while allowing them to focus on their specialty area of analysis or reporting.

Version 3.5 advances the concept of unobtrusive out-of-band network monitoring, by supporting additional security features including SSH2 for more secure access to manage the GigaVUE®, RADIUS authentication and TACACS user privileges along with new extensive features like support for an IPv6 management plane.

V3.5 adds support for SNMP V1 and V2 traps which allows the Gigamon product to be an active part of your NMS. The previous versions allowed for predefined filtering, like MAC address, IP address. However version 3.5 now allows for user defined pattern matching as filters or map rules for dissemination of appropriate traffic to the correct monitoring, management or compliance tool.

V3.5 also includes subtle but important support for SNTP access for time correction and correlation, customizable banner for server identification and the ability to store and recall multiple GigaVUE® connection configuration files.

Since its inception, the GigaVUE® has allowed management, monitoring, reporting and other customer tools to work more efficiently by analyzing only the information they need, rather than being overwhelmed by all of the network traffic. The new GigaVUE® 3.5’s new features enhances the GigaVUE® with more versatile filters, better management security, SNMP support, and ability to be managed in an IPV6 network.

According to J. Scott Haugdahl, WildPackets CTO, “10 Gigabit Ethernet can generate up to several terabytes of data every hour. GigaVUE® provides an efficient “divide and conquer” approach to breaking down this massive amount of traffic into far more manageable streams for use by multiple analysis tools, including intelligent distributed appliances such as the OmniPeek Analysis Platform. One can filter and feed only firewall or server or VLAN traffic or with the new pattern matching capability in GigaVUE® 3.5, just about anything imaginable into one or more tools for parallel stream processing. This allows one to efficiently handle far more traffic, including storage of such data for forensics and compliance purposes as well as real time analysis.”

The extensive and versatile capability of GigaVUE® allows for the most capable and flexible network security, monitoring, and troubleshooting available to today’s network managers and reduces the need for intrusive tools. GigaVUE®’s flexibility enables network managers to meet the ever more onerous management challenges of today’s enterprise networks while maintaining security and full access to the required data.

About Gigamon
Gigamon is the inventor and leading provider of Data-Access Switches. Its flagship product, GigaVUE®, can multicast packets from one span or tap to many tools to solve the span port sharing problem. It also can aggregate and intelligently filter packets from many spans or taps to one or multiple tools to solve the problem of monitoring flows across complex mesh topologies and virtual networks. GigaVUE® facilitates unobtrusive parallel tool deployment with network-wide coverage, significantly reducing customers’ capital budgets and yielding immediate ROI benefits.

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