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Gigamon 10 GigaTAP Eliminates Need for External TAPs in Network Monitoring Systems

Accessory for GigaVUE-420 Data Access Switch Optimizes Network Monitoring Resouces, Ensures Data Integrity; Three Varieties Available for Different Optical Specs

Silicon Valley, CA - September 11, 2008 - Gigamon, a leading provider of intelligent data access networking products, today announced its 10GigaTAP, an add-on for the company’s industry standard GigaVUE® 420 Data Access Switch. The 10GigaTAP saves money, improves reliability, and reduces the network monitoring footprint by eliminating the need for an external data tap in 10GigE data networks. The 10GigaTAP, exhibited by Gigamon at the ISACA Network Security | Information Security Management Conference in Las Vegas and Interop NY on September 17th and 18th provides extra savings by eliminating the need for additional rack space, cable runs, and provides the TAP function effectively at no additional cost. 

The Gigamon 10GigaTAP optimizes network monitoring resources and data integrity. When installed at the back of a GigaVUE 420, the 10GigaTAP splits and copies inbound and outbound optical data streams, then forwards the replicant data to network monitoring tools at 1 or 10 Gbps. Users access network traffic efficiently in one-to-many, many-to-many, or many-to-one configurations to allow sharing of the TAP by many tools.

“The 10GigaTAP saves time, money and complexity—three of the most critical factors for any network engineer,” said Patrick Leong, Gigamon’s chief technical officer. “Unless external taps are already in place, it’s counter-productive to take up physical resources by purchasing and installing them separately from the data access switch. The 10GigaTAP simplifies the situation—a small, efficient add-on that delivers all the functionality of an external tap without additional cabling, rack space or cost.”

Gigamon’s 10GigaTAP is available in three varieties to accommodate any fiber optic installation: SR-LC/Multimode, for Short Reaches of 850 nanometer-wavelength cables; LR-LC/Singlemode, for Long Reaches of 1310 nanometers; and ER-LC/Singlemode, for Extra-Long Reaches using 1550 nanometers. 

When installed in the GigaVUE 420, two Gigamon 10GigaTAP fault-tolerant devices takes data from redundant core links, and the GigaVUE-420 ensures that only appropriate and optimized data reaches the intended monitoring tool. The add-ons balance data flows to ensure reliable performance from multiple intrusion detection systems, data recorders, VoIP analyzers and other network monitoring devices.

During Interop New York, September 17 and 18, Gigamon is showcasing the GigaVUE 420 with 10GigaTAP from its exhibit, Booth 946 at the Javits Center.

About Gigamon
Gigamon is the inventor and leading provider of Data-Access Switches. Its flagship product, GigaVUE®, can multicast packets from one span or tap to many tools to solve the span port sharing problem. It also can aggregate and intelligently filter packets from many spans or taps to one or multiple tools to solve the problem of monitoring flows across complex mesh topologies and virtual networks. GigaVUE® facilitates unobtrusive parallel tool deployment with network-wide coverage, significantly reducing customers’ capital budgets and yielding immediate ROI benefits.

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